Coffee Talk

Good Friday Morning!
How is everyone's week going?

I am so loving our weekly chats!  You ladies are amazing and fun to talk to.  Thank you for joining us!  I hope that we continue to gain friends that love to talk about anything that's on your minds.

We would love your posts to be more than just some RANDOM post, so each week, we are going to give you what we'd all like to hear about, then on the following Friday coffee talk, please link directly to that post.  It will let us all see how our weeks are going and be more on a personal basis.

Next weeks post topic: What did you do to make yourself happy this week?

Do you have any yummy coffee recipes that you could share in your posts?  We would LOVE if you linked those up, plus, it's a great way to get some love on coffee talk.  I didn't find one last week, but I did find this little treat!
Wouldn't this taste so good with your cup of coffee?  You'll have to go check out the recipe here.  

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Have an amazing day, and we hope that you can join us down on the Wibya bar at 1pm est, for our live chat. Let us know what you think about doing the live chat, and if there would be a better time for more of you to join in, we'd love to have you!

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I will definitely try to find some more coffee recipes and try them!! But I am a "regular" kinda girl!

I love this hop, thanks for the linkup!
Tried the hop linkup on my blog post and I love it! Thanks!!

I have yet to figure out how to access the chat... ^_^ See you later (hopefully) and Thanks!!

♥ Bibi
KY said…
Hey ladies!! How was your week???

I hope everyone has a fantastic, relaxing weekend. :)

I was distracted as I was typing the title to my link -- my husband was telling me about a news article about California --and so I typed "You Can't Bake Cupcakes in California You Can" but I really meant to type "You Can't Bake Cupcakes in a Tree house"! Yikes!

Oh, well. Life is flavored by error, right?

P.S. Hope a random post is okay for today! I will try and be more in line with the Coffee Talk theme next week :)
Tiffani Rose said…
I love the idea of linking to a specific post!! I will have to remember that for next week!

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!!

melody-mae said…
I love looking and reading all these yummy recipes, but alas...I do love my strong, black coffee to kick those cobwebs out of the attic! LOL
Happy Friday lovelies!! Enjoy the weekend!!!
BellaVida said…
No recipes on my blog but something fun is my new obsession with Pinterest. ;)

Bella Vida by Letty
Remy said…
Hope everyone is having a great Friday, check out what I did today if you'd like! Lots of photos! :D
Lisa said…
Happy Hopping! :) Hope you enjoy your weekend! I look forward to following your blog. Maybe next week I'll be around to join in the live chat!

S Dupree said…
New follower. I'm blog hopping today!

My husband loves coffee, I will definitely have to try out the recipe. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. :-)

Treat and Trick said…
Thanks so much for featuring my post, hope you will give it a try. Have a great weekend dear!

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