Coffee Talk with Fab Friends

Good Morning Fab Friends!! If you are new here; Welcome, sit back and relax we have so much going on! It's been a wonderful four day week. I'm so glad it's the weekend though. How was everyones 4th? Amazing I hope! Let's get linking and meeting some new fab faces. We've added so many new awesome blogs to the community. Be sure to add your blogs to the directory as well. Stay tuned for a cash giveaway today!
Have you been entering the awesome giveaways? There has been some really great ones already, and there are so many left. A new one everyday!!! Be sure to get your entry in!

Don't forget to enter your picture perfect photo to win some cash as well!
Once you link up today, come back and chat with us from 1-2pm est, for the fun conversations, and say hello to our fabulous co-host Becky, she'll be joining in the convo with us!
If you'd like to co-host, shoot us an email at bloglove(at)aol(dot)com
We'll even throw in a little something sweet for you!

Say hi to this weeks Fab Friend
Cheri from Lots of Jewels with a yummy Easy Peasy Mocha Coffee
We love Coffee Recipes! This weeks chatter will be receiving some coffee samples; their choice! So come chat to win some coffee!

Link up! Visit friends and Enjoy this great day!



summer-claire said…
Some lovely and interesting posts so far - this is why this is my favourite link-up!
Bernie said…
I thought Friday would never get here! Looking forward to discovering new to me blogs.
more blogs to follow!!! So excited. Big Hugs and have a happy weekend :-)
Vic said…
happy cup a joe day! thanx to bobbi (poster) i've got an amazing cup at hand....loving this group of fab folks..enjoy the day! chat at 1 on the wibiya bar:)
Bobbi said…
So glad you all love this linky, I do too. Hope you all join us for the chat!
Remy said…
Looked forward to this link-up all week. Eee! Will start hopping this evening with my cup of tea in hand.
KY said…
Happy Friday, Friends! xo :)
Holy Easy Peasy Mocha, how did I miss this! I was this week's fab friend! Thanks FTLOB, you ladies are the besties out there!



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