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Welcome to the page of 'Best Blogs' according to our categories. Every couple of months we will highlight the best blogs from our directory. Our first attempt was a blast despite a few dilemmas. We try to get everyone involved to have a great time and do these fun contests to meet new faces plus give you all a chance to gain more exposure.

Since this was our first attempt, we're doing something to make it as fair as possible and will be happy to listen to suggestions on the next 'Best in Category' contest. Below you will find our First Place Winners, be sure to stalk them like crazy and coming in after them will be listed underneath.

Second Place Winners:
I've Become My Parents
The Ginja Ninja
Bella Vida
Running in Heels
Live, Love, Travel
A Serendipitous Life
Soul Singing Liv
Relevant Notes
Cupcake Photography
A Sparrow's Flight
Blackpurl's Knitpickings
My Fabulous Pursuit of Happiness
My Show
A Sorta Fairytale
And Then, She {Snapped}
The Boot
Kaley in Japan
Sweet Tea Serendipity
Noelle Lara
La Dulce Vida
Love Lucy Locket
Elegantly Academic
Rock the Kasbah
Earthfood Experiment
Give me Bows
Diary of a Girl Abroad
Memoirs of a Pilgrim
Travel Spot
Women Rockin The Road
Delialicious Picks
Mostly Foods and Crafts
So Very Me
Everyday Life
A Grande Life
Misadventures with Andi
Tree by the River
Living Like the Kings
Grace, Hope and Frugal Things
Romatically Challenged

I believe I got everyone and wanted to link all participants because this was our first contest for 'Best in Category' and many were either not understanding the rules yet thought we were being unfair and that is the very last thing we want anyone thinking. Just like any other contest, there are rules and you must follow to be entered and to win. I think we will attempt a different way of doing this next time. If I missed anyone please just email bloglove at aol and we will be glad to put your link up! Thank you all for playing and we will come up with something for more advertising fun. Stay Tuned.

Please Note: Our original 'Best in Category Page' was not going to be this detailed--but we wanted to clarify and try to make everything fair. When we host our next contest the layout will be completely different.

Friends, check everyone out----meet some new people and gain some friends!


aw, i got second place! i'm honored! thanks blogger friends! :)
Remy said…
Congratulations everyone!
TexaGermaNadian said…
Eeek! I didn't think I was going to win, it was a close race and there were some great ones out there. What a great idea, and not just saying that now. Sometimes it is hard to compare two completely different types of blogs. Thanks for everything gals, you just made my day!!
TriGirl said…
Aah! I know my competition wasn't heavy but it is a funny bunch! I'm excited for this..thanks guys!
Make sure to check out the other humour blogs from the list. They are great reads!

I've Become My Parents at

Rock the Kasbah at
KSK said…
Congratulations everyone!!!!
Abby said…
ROCK ON!! I'm in 2nd place! #2 is better then #3. LOL!

Congrats to all the winners!!! :D
Jordan said…
woo hoo!! Congrats everyone!
little said…
whoo. 2nd! thanks guys.

love, little.
Natalie Murray said…
Thanks so much FTLOB and I'm loving working my way through all these blogs... you rock xx Nat (Diary of a Girl Abroad)
melody-mae said…
congrats to the deserving winners!!!
hey...I got #2 an awesome feat too, so THANKS!
Misty said…
Yay! Thanks, everyone!!!
-Misty @ Through A Photographer's Eyes
BellaVida said…
Thanks so much for the opportunity. I appreciate being added to second place but I have to admit I had no idea what the rules where.
Jackie B. said…
Congrats to all the winners!!! JB.
Lindsay said…
Wow...I didn't really expect to be a winner when I entered this contest. There are so many awesome travel blogs out there! Big thanks to anyone who voted for My Life As A Foreigner!! And don't forget to check out the other travel blogs on FTLOB, they all rock!
Robyn said…
well done tri-girl!!:)

I didn't make second...hey hoy. :(
Gillian said…
whoa, thanks so much!
Tara said…
congrats to the winners! I'm happy with second place :)
TriGirl said…
Hey thanks Robyn!

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