$20 Chilis Gift Card Giveaway

One Lucky winner is going out to dinner! This seemed like the appropriate giveaway to throw out on a Tasty Tuesday.

To Enter: Simply tell us your favorite thing about going out to eat. One comment per entrant, winner will be emailed. Leave your email address with your comment. Winner will also be announced via twitter tomorrow.

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Lisa said…
I love going out to eat because I don't have to cook and I don't have to clean up. :)
My email is: homebldrs@yahoo.com
Sarah E. said…
Definitely not having to do dishes! And leftovers are always a plus :)

Ashley said…
my favorite thing?! NOT COOKING! heck yes! ashley.theshineproject@gmail.com
Elizabeth said…
Hubby and I have been dieting, so going out to eat is our cheat. I also love not having to cook or having to ask what do you want for dinner with a response of food.

Jamie said…
Awesome! My favorite thing? Not having to clean up the mess!!! :)
(Don't worry, I'm a good tipper, lol)
Not having to cook or do those nasty dishes! The best time to go out to eat is always when it's been a long day at home with the kiddo!

StephanieRT90@aol.com / @MrsStephanieT
Janette said…
I like not having to clean up my mess afterward!

Janette, the Jongleur

Heather said…
Totally not having to cook, and just the ability to chat with friends and family over a delicious meal! Plus Chili's Southwestern Eggrolls are to die for!

Twitter: @mommyonlyhs2hds

Mami2jcn said…
I LOVE going out to eat because I don't have to sweep up crumbs or do dishes!

Thanks for the chance!

mami2jcn at gmail dot com
Hayley said…
No dishes.... and french fries!


Rhian said…
My favorite thing about going out to eat is that there are no dirty pots or pans or grease spots on the stove top!
Jessica said…
Favorite part about going out to eat is that the clean up isn't my job!

Hmm, my favorite part about going out to eat, the laundry list of food choices that are available rather than worrying about what is left in the pantry!

sewsavoirfairecreations (at) gmail dot com
Jeska said…
Oh I love Chili's! And my favorite thing about going out to eat is not having to clean up afterwards!!

My favorite thing about going out to dinner… do I have to pick just one thing? I like that there is no mess in my kitchen, leftovers for the next day's lunch and no kids whining at my feet while I break from entertaining them, to cook their meal. It's a win-win-win (especially if paying via gift card!)

All {dot} sewnup [at] yahoo {dot} com
Adriane said…
I love getting out of the house, and I love eating good food!

Kelsey said…
Not having to clean up the dishes! It's so nice to go out to eat every now and then - I always look forward to it!


Kimberly said…
dining out of my favvvorite! its so easy!
- Jessi - said…
If mine posts twice sorry!
I Enjoy not having to cook or clean up after. It seems like most of us do lol.

iZombie said…
more salt, i cannot have things with salt... and i get out of the house.
Miss Von Vixen said…
I love eating foods that I cant make myself... or try to make, but fail at!!


Not having to cook or clean up!!
Momma StJ said…
I love going to eat because it means I'm not the one cooking! :)
Monique said…
I love to go out to eat, because i love the social aspect of it. mns556@gmail.com
Michelle G said…
I love to go out to eat because it means that I can eat at the same time as everyone else as opposed to cooking, serving and then getting to eat...which sometimes means my food ends up cold.
Fritzi Marie said…
Diet Coke Refills!
Fritzi Marie
Aimee said…
I love that someone else gets to clean up. I don't mind the cooking, but I'll pass on the clean up! What a fun giveaway!
Poekitten said…
I love that DH & I are each able to chose whatever we want so we don't have to agree!

Laura said…
I love the chance to catch up with a friend. lel_104@hotmail.com
Natalie said…
I love going out to eat because its a fun and relaxing time with the ones you love. No one has to worry about dishes either. That's always a plus! :)

Fulfilling a craving! Valerie.somerville@gmail.com
Desi said…
I love trying new food in a new atmosphere, and especially love enjoying a date night with my man!

Beth said…
People Watching:)!!!!Oh yes, the food andrinks are usually a bonus, too!
Amber said…
Too easy, cuz then I don't have to cook and sweat my bum off! :)

Anonymous said…
Not having to grocery shop!

Relevant.notes.girl at gmail
Sarah Kelly said…
my favorite thing about going out to eat is ordering something that my fiance hates but i love! when i cook dinner to make something that we both like, but when we go out i can order some of my favorite dishes :)

Beth said…
My favorite thing about eating out is that I don't have to limit my desires to only what we have in the fridge, and how much time I can take to cook. :)

Amanda said…
The best part is not having to do dishes!!!!!
AmandaDF said…
Not having to clean up! Most definitely!

JessRaquel said…
Since money is a huge issue these days, anytime my boyfriend and I go out to eat it's extra special. I love being able to just relax and enjoy my food without the hassle of cooking and cleaning!
Rachel said…
I love not having to do the dishes!

Anonymous said…
I love going out to eat because calories don't count. Am I right?

Maegan :)
Mallorie Owens said…
My favorite thing about eating out is spending quality time with my husband outside the house, just getting to relax and enjoy ourselves :)

becca said…
i love go out to eat because the food always taste better and i don't have to do the cooking or clean up

Everyday Life

rebeccabryant562 at hotmail dot com
BellaVida said…
My favorite thing about going out is not having to cook or clean.
Candace Boice said…
I love eating out because my hubby and I always make a date of it and dress up fancy schmancy. Oh, and no dishes. Can't complain about that either :)

I love going out to eat because it's a romantic way to reconnect with my love during a busy work week!
TheUrbanRabbit said…
I love going out to eat because it means that I can spend time with my friends I don't usually get to spend time with. Going out to eat is when me and my friends have a chance to catch up.

Kristina said…
I LOVE CHILI's! Honey Chipotle Crispers baby!! :) We enjoy going out because we can just sit and chat, enjoy one another, and dont have to stress or clean! ;)

JC said…
Don't have to dishes is the best part of it.
tcarolinep at gmail dot com
LAMusing said…
I love being able to just sit down and eat and not be ferrying dishes from kitchen to table to sink.
Norma said…
I like I don't have to do the dishes and clean up the kitchen!
Ross said…
I often go out to eat on dates with my wife. It's the quality time with her that I like the most about eating out. My email is ross@painfullyoptomistic.com .
Kasondra said…
My favorite part of going out to eat...is not having to cook!

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