Thirsty Thursday : Let's Party

Now seriously! I'm ready to get it POPPIN'! Happy Thirsty Fucking Thursday friends. I'm super stoked that the weekend is right around the corner and we're gonna be hosting our first coffee chat tomorrow at 1pm est. Be there to share your everythings with us. Who's ready for the weekend? I know I am. Grab a cup, we've got a ton of fun going on. Check out the Summer Bash Details Here.

Link Up, Drink Up and Get it Poppin'. Share whatever you'd like. I think I'ma throw some music in here:


Slidecutter said…
Wow! Happy Thirsty Effing Thursday to everyone, lolol

We're on a roll, heading for the week-end!


YEAHHHH!!! Love how you added TI loove this song!!

XOXO Andrea
Bernie said…
Whoo Whooo, one more day until the weekend. Thank Goodness!
Is it bad that the alcohol photo got me excited? I clearly need a night out.
Bobbi said…
chantilly said…
"thirsty fucking thursday" LOL!

hard week, vic? xo
Wow dropping the F Bomb!!! haha!! Somebody must be Thirsty this Thursday... haha
SondraMama said…
First of all, T.I. is so yummy! I just want to eat him up. *drools*
Damn the computer. I can't hear his sexy voice =[ ...
anyways ..

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Hockey Wife said…
I seriously JUST emailed my mother and said, "I need a bottle ... I mean glass ... of wine!" Glad I'm not alone! Cheers.
rach. said…
what a great blog! wonderful post. :) if you are in the mood for some yummy food check out my most recent post. your mouth will water. ;)

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