Thirsty Thursday at Bean Chat

Well Hello there gorgeous faces! I'm super excited that I'm hosting today's Bean Chat at Gevalia. After you link up today, head over from 10am-11am and join me in some rad discussions and for a little birthday bash. 2 Lucky Participants will be getting a Gevalia Coffee Package, you can choose your flavors. Overall, I'm a blast and we'll be chatting it up over there, so stop by if you'd like. You can sign in via twitter or facebook. Once you get there just click the bean chat on their left sidebar.

Everyone who wishes me a Happy Birthday on the Bean Chat wall will automatically be entered to win a Gevalia Gift Certificate from me.

enjoy the day! xo


Slidecutter said…
Enjoy the day, lovely people!

The week is almost over...yayyy!
Aimee said…
Thanks for hosting, I actually posted a drink recipe today for ya!
Colleen said…
Is Gevalia Fair Trade? Hmm . . . Eiter way, it sounds delic. Too bad I'll be working during bean chat.
TexaGermaNadian said…
Happy Thirsty Thursday and Happy Birthday!!! :)
I am a new follower! Just found your blog and pretty excited about it!
KarmaKristin said…
Happy thirsty Thursday!! I am a new follower!!!

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