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Hello all! How is your Saturday Morning going? We thought we'd throw a fun post out today! What blog do you read daily and would def. recommend to our lovely members!?

Leave your answers in the comments below and we'll be sure to check them out! Enjoy the day friends. xo


Hannah DeVries said… is a daily read for sure!
My favorite blog to read everyday is The Dainty Squid. She is adorable, has amazing tattoos, and really awesome blue hair! She writes about a lot of awesome things and has a couple of DIY tutorials.
Check her out!
Okay, there is no way I could pick just one, so I will give you my must-reads!

I read those 5 talented, sweet ladies every day, not matter what :)
Karen Greenberg said…
I love many. One of my favorites, because the author and I seem to have so much in common, is The Tween & Me.
Stacie said…
Well this is almost an overwhelming question since I put a whole lot to follow in my reader so my answer at the moment is... & because I have a six yr old and look for nature information - because Tracie is my cousin and turns out I really like her posts - like Pam's style
AND - because I remember this stage of my son's life a little too well.
Did I just get carried away? - because I need motivation for my Arbonne business - because I need to see other special needs success
Tricia said…
I myself have many that I check on a daily basis, but if I could only pick one blog that I never miss the posting of EVER it would be Brittany Gibbons over at Barefoot Foodie. She is just hilarious and oddly relate-able.

But I have PLENTY others in my "blogs I follow" reader whom I would all recommend!
Bernie said…
I read these gals everyday. They never cease to amaze me with their writing.
Anonymous said…
I actually read all blogs I follow (unless the post title and preview doesn't interest me). But two I would highly recommend are Totally Smitten and analyze this. Both ladies write a few times a week and are very honest in what they say. The frequency (and, in a way, the honesty) is what I want to be as a blogger (a year and a half later, I finally realize this).
Anonymous said…
I should probably give the URLs :P

analyze this:

Totally Smitten:
Chels said…
Everyday Adventures and fearfully. wonderfully. are definite favorites of mine!

Shasta Anne said…
I read daily. She is real, fun, fashionable, has great style tips and she has been writing her blog faithfully for years.
thepaisleytab said…
Where do I begin? There are so many!

I love:
Emily said…
my favorite is the babywise mom as she is my IDEAL mommy and I hope I can raise kids half as wonderfully as she
Chelsea said… >> For awesome photos >> More awesome photos >> An artist with a great sense of humor >> A mom with 2 kids who takes beautiful photos and writes beautifully >> Beautiful photos

And my blog >> >> for photos, loving life, and a giveaway that just started today

Can't wait to see all these others!!
melody-mae said…
oh my...this is way too hard for me. I have about ten favorites that I have to read...;)

hugs to you all!!

Anonymous said…
way to many excellent ones to mention or think of atm its 6am OMG! I will come back once coffee has kicked in LOL..
Ashley said…
This is so hard but a favorite of mine is And Baby Makes Three She is so unique and cool, I always look forward to her updates!
Kat at
just to name a few
Ok I read tons!! But I am just lurking at what the others say ;)
Breann said…
I really love checking in on ,, and
chambanachik said…
I love that sign! :)
I'm a military spouse and a mama, so I tend to read blogs based on those things.
(Mine is )
Have you seen the amazing cakes on If you don't like cake...then check out her other blog! She is funny and likes to eat cake and wash it down with.....(check out her blog to find her favorite drink!)

I cannot pass up

I also ALWAYS read my fellow Hockey Wife blogs!
Hockey Wife
Texgermafinlanadian (did I get it?)

....and a few more!

Sinea said…
I read HubPages daily. There are so many really interesting articles and, as I am also a Hub writer, I like to read, comment and learn from my peers
Great suggestions all!!! A couple of my faves are:

I never miss a post from these three ladies (and Kevin from the Jones!)

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