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Hello Rockin’ Readers!
I am so stoked to be featured on FTLOB! It’s an honor, thank you so much Ladies! I am Destiny from Twisted Fate Photography! My blog is very new! However photography isn’t for me, I picked up my first camera at 10 years old, and it truly is my passion.
A couple years ago I made the HUGE life changing decision and I walked away from my Psychology college degree to follow my heart…Photography, best thing I ever did! I don't like calling myself a 'Photographer' I am more comfortable being an artist.
I’ve only been blogging for a few months && I must say I am hooked! There is no turning back now!

Muahahahaha (my evil laugh).

I am a mother to 3 crazy boys, with another baby on the way! A loving wife to one amazing dude and day in day out photography feeds my soul.

My photography blog is about stepping outside the box and standing toe to toe with real life. The raw, dirty, gritty, and realness that surrounds us every day! I break the 'rules' and I live outside 'the' box, I learn from it, capture it, and hope to inspire others to do the same. I, on the other hand am inspired by many to step inside that box from time to time and do have those ‘aha’ moments, but without those moments we won't grow as a person or as an artist.
Am I different, yes. Am I misunderstood, all the time. Do I want to change that, of course!

Join me in embracing life-the good, the bad, and everything in between!

Get inspired. Be inspiring.


Very cool you turned your passion into artistry! And your career it sounds like! Congrats on the feature!
Slidecutter said…
I love always being misunderstood; it's my favorite place to be, standing outside of the box of life and laughing at everyone else!

Congrats on being featured...love your post!
Anonymous said…
Congrats D! You rock sister!
Anonymous said…
Yeee! Love it! Thanks so much everyone! Hope to meet more awesome people!

Stop on by! Don't be shy! :)

Sweta said…
oo awesome :) Definitely checking you out :)
Colleen said…
I have a passion for photography but not an ounce of skill. Maybe I can learn something from Twisted Fate!

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