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Hi everyone!
I write as TriGirl on Tri-ing to be Athletic.

I started this site back in December 2010 after finishing my second half-marathon.  My husband and I were having a lovely post-race brunch and he said to me "You know, you could do some fun pictures and start blogging about this!"  After all, any time I told my friends and family members about my experiences I always got a few laughs.

A couple of years ago I fell prey to peer pressure at the office and signed up for a triathlon. Wait. What? Yeah, it was pretty crazy.  I hadn't been on a bike since I was 10, and had quit swimming shortly after that. Oh, and I was never much of a runner.  Needless to say, starting these sports up at the ripe old age of Thirty-(stifle, mumble, mumble) was full of ridiculous moments...many of which my husband wished he could have uploaded to You Tube.

Over the past 3 years my training has evolved.  I have not a single athletic bone in my body but I am very slowly getting  better.  My site is a way for me to always find the humour in my less-than-finessed activities.

And, I've found a whole community of new friends along the way!

Tri-ing to be Athletic


Bernie said…
I love Tri-ing! Its a fun blog post. The pictures make the whole thing. Not that hearing about the training is not fun, but the pictures make you laugh out loud.
Go check her out, you will be glad you did.
Congrats, Julie on getting featured!!
Slidecutter said…
Just love the pictures, what fun!

Good for you, Julie! I give you much credit and many congrats on being featured!
Alessandra said…
What a fun blog I found. I love your pictures and can't wait to hear more about your training adventures.
Yay! Julie! Everyone should follow her. She is so funny and an excellent artist :)
Breann said…
I am already a follower and LOVE your blog!
Great blog.. inspirational and fun. You go TriGirl!!
TexaGermaNadian said…
Love it, and this great blog!! Congrats on the feature, girl!
TriGirl said…
It's so cool to be featured and you are all so nice for commenting! I'm not used to all the attention...so, how about voting me blog of the month? ;)
Amber said…
I am visiting for sure, as I too have ran 2 half marathons and have people constantly trying to convince me to do a tri.
Colleen said…
I love everything about this. Except the idea of doing a Tri. I'm forced to be very athletic as part of my job, so in the meantime I avoid such exertion. But the pictures and everything else, Love.

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