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Hi, I'm Jordan and I blog over at Trailer Gypsy. I've been blogging for about 4 years now and my blog name is derived from my first two years of college in Southern Oregon. I lived in a toy hauler trailer so I could avoid the dorms and outrageous college town rent. I feel like I really learned a lot from my time in such a tiny space.
I now live in a big house in a small town in Idaho with my boyfriend Jake, our 3 cats, and our crazy german shepherd. Jake and I met in the World of Warcraft. Yes, I'm dead serious. We're both nerdy gamer people. I'm currently not working, there aren't a lot of jobs around here aside from mechanic, which I am not at all qualified for, so I spend my time learning about the fine art of homemaking. My blog covers all of my adventures in cooking, crafting, gardening, canning, and crocheting. I try to pass along all of the tips I find from my extensive google searching. I love google, how else is a girl supposed to learn how to do new things?
Jake is retired from the U.S. Army due to injuries from Iraq. PTSD is a large part of our lives and sometimes it's really tough. We spend a lot of time waiting at the VA. It's funny how those of us who do not live everyday with an anxiety disorder take things like going to the mall or a fair for granted. I never thought I'd end up in a tiny speck of a town in Idaho of all places but I love the life we're creating for ourselves.
If you have some time I'd love for you to stop by my blog and say hello. I always try to take a break from Rock Band to reply to anyone who left me a comment. I love reading blogs so I would love to be introduced to yours so I could look around and say hello.


Patty said…
Jordan!!! Yayyyyy!

One of my very favorite bloggy pals!

Congrats on a well-deserved feature!

Everyone...hop right over and visit Trailer Gypsy...you will heart her as I do!
Ohhh, I'm checking it out. My boyfriend is the USMC. I can't imagine what you go through with PTSD!!
Jordan said…
Thank you for the feature. I'm so excited!
Sara said…
Great post!

I stumbled you. My post is http://booksyourkidswilllove.blogspot.com/2011/06/young-adult-books-too-dark.html
Jordan! I'm so happy to see you featured! :D


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