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G'day! This is Jamie from Memoirs of a Pilgrim.
Now that I got that cheesy greeting out of the way I'd like to thank ftlob for featuring my charming little travel/lifestyle blog!
 I originally started blogging late 2008 when I was in art school and wanted to show off my work to my family and friends back home in Wisconsin. A lot has happened since then and my blog has transformed into the beauty it is now and mostly dedicated towards my travels, mini adventures and photography.

In Fall of 2009 I dropped out of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design after a year and a half of studying photography. What persuaded me to do that you ask? A smooth talking Aussie I met while on a road trip that previous summer to New Orleans.  After knowing him for less than six months and meeting up with him twice in Canada I made the leap and went to live with him in Australia. There I worked and explored land down under and fell in love...with the county!

Since I first arrive in Australia January 2010 I've made THREE roundtrips with several connection flights, each. Lets just say I'm pretty pro when it comes to 12+ hours flights and finding my way around airports now.  I often get asked how I can afford that, and the answer honestly is, I can't. At first I had a lot of help from the boyfriend when we were together but now I'm just living off what I earn while working in Australia and taking advantage of it's all time high dollar. Now I'm determined to study there and am making myself dead broke in the process. Soon enough though I'll have some lovely student loans to help me out!

Since I've been in Australia I've done the must haves, like hugged a koala, fed kangaroos, snorkeled the great barrier reef, hit the best beaches and have gotten the greatest sun kissed skin and surfer hair. While I'm not doing all those fun things I work 40+ hours a week serving hot Irish/English/Aussie/Kiwi tradies (mostly construction workers) at a chaotic little food kiosk right outside Brisbane. Let me tell you, working that many hours at a place that frustrating makes coming home, to America, seem like the vacation! 

While I'm going back and forth between Australia and Wisconsin I make the most of the unavoidable pit stop in California. I've seen L.A. several times (mostly the beaches) and just stopped in San Francisco a couple weeks ago. I have Sand Diego, Las Vegas and Seattle remaining on the list for the next round trips, which will hopefully be limited to only one a year once I start studying!

I am currently waiting on hearing back from all the Universities I've applied to in Australia, but until then I'm making the most of while I'm home! In the next month I will be highlighting all the best spots in North East Wisconsin and surrounding areas until I visit a friend in Colorado, then hop over to San Francisco another few days and then back to Australia! 

I really just like to keep life interesting and make the most of being in the prime of my life! 

I invite you all to stop by and read all about my escapades!



Slidecutter said…
I'm exhausted just sitting here reading about your travels and, a little bit envious, lol

Good for you! Rack up all the experiences you can and enjoy all this world has to offer!

Congrats on being featured,

Sinea Pies said…
Australia to Wisconsin! Now that is a unique connection. Your photos are lovely. Thanks for sharing them.
Kristina said…
WOW - after reading that how can I NOT go to your blog and see your adventures! :) Thanks for introducing yourself and I'm coming over Right.Now. to come see you! :)

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