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It's hard to figure out where to begin, so let me just start by saying telling you a bit about who I am...
My name is Lisa:

I live in a suburb about 20 minutes North of Detroit, MI:
Yes I am one of those people who uses my left hand to explain where a city is in the state...LOL
I am a wife:
Oh my, we look so young here...LOL
I am a mom to a beautiful little girl whom I refer to as 'the kid':
I swear she's mine, even though she looks nothing like me...LOL
I also work full time as a Quality Assurance Analyst and co-own a Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning business with my husband. Which means I tend to lead pretty busy life, that I'm determined to fit as much fun into as possible! :)
So now that you know a little bit about me, let me tell you about my blog. I entitled it "insignificant at best - random musings from a nobody", because in all honesty that's what I am "insignificant" and a "nobody". I don't mean it in a negative way, I just mean it in the broad sense that I'm one little person sharing my views in a world full of billions of people. :)
You will find that my blog is all over the place, just like I am in real life. LOL I have an opinion on a lot of different things and I'm one of those people who LOVE to share my opinions. What better place to do that, than a blog? I should warn you though, I do have a sarcastic and perverted sense of humor (don't worry I would still consider my blog (PG 13 at most), which I like to claim "keeps me young". LOL
If you read my blog you'll find reviews for music, tv shows, movies, products, websites, etc. I also will link you to my book reviews that I do for an awesome blog called Literary Escapism. On top of reviews you'll find posts about my life, things I find funny, things that make me mad...pretty much every topic under the sun. ;) Oh and I also feature giveaways!
So if you are looking for a blog that has a little bit of everything, insignificant at best is a great blog to check out! Please stop by and say "hello"!


Anonymous said…
Congrats on your feature! I'll be sure to head over and check your blog out :)
melody-mae said…
stopping by tonight, to give you a shout out and big mushy, congrats on you feature!!! Off to check your blog out asap!
Nice to "meet" you. I am visiting from the Alexa hop. I hope you and your lovely family enjoy your Sunday!

LaVonne @ Long Wait For Isabella
Slidecutter said…
I think "the kid" looks just like you; can see it in the eyes!

Congrats on being featured! Looking forward to reading your blog!

Anonymous said…
Thank you so much everyone! I was shocked to see I had been featured! :)

Patty: I appreciate that! Everyone who meets her and knows my hubby says the opposite, so it's nice to hear that she looks like me too! :)
You and your little one are so cute! Your life sounds full and like you and enjoying it.

I look forward to checking out your blog and reading more from you.


sécia said…
LOL about using your hand to explain where you live. My friend does that all the time and it drives me crazy!

♥ sécia
janis said…
Hi Lisa~ Janis from Indy here... My Hubby travels to Detroit often for work. Your Blog looks fab & I look forward to following you (I have to do it from another computer as this one is too spam sensitive and doesnt let me!) Congrats on being featured! Very Cool for an Insignificant Nobody...you are def a writer I would like to read more from.
my3littlebirds said…
Hey Lisa! I used to live in Ferndale : ) Can't wait to check out your blog.
Anonymous said…
@Elena: Thank you!:) Yes my life is very full, but it's good. I am truly blessed!

@secia: LOL! I really is the easiest way to explain where something is! ;)

@janis: Thank you so much for your kind words! I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate them! If your hubby ever wants to know of cool things to do, while he's in the area, let me know and I'll give you some suggestions! :)

@my3littlebirds: Ah Frendale...home of Boggie Fever. One of my all time favorite clubs! Have you ever been?

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