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hello everyone at For The Love of Blogs!

i'm Theresa and i blog at Easy There Tiger!
i'm a 20 (turning 21 in October!) year old girl from Singapore who now blogs from her bed in Perth,Western Australia. i am getting married in Vegas in November and my blog covers everything from my wedding prep to my love for Etsy.

i live with one very lovely man and one 5 year old dog who's pretty sure she runs the show. okay fine. said lovely man's parents live with us too. it's not peachy when we all need a wee in the morning but being able to share expensive skincare with your soon to be mother in law isn't all bad.

i love photography, design and all things baby. its a slightly awkward obsession since i am usually met with a "uh okay. aren't you like a bit young?" but nevertheless, i stalk mummy blogs daily and get inspired by all the brave selfless mamas around the world! needless to say, i cannot wait for my new life to start as a mrs!

so yes. my blog is a slightly disorganized chronicle of what i do, what i love and what inspires me. i promise there are things in there that will make you smile.

please drop by, tell me about your blog and grab a button!




Slidecutter said…
I love disorganization; it can generate so much creativity when you least expect it!

Congrats on being featured!

Have a great Monday!

LibrarySnake said…
Hi, just hopping by from I Love my Online Friends Blog Hop Monday.

New follower!


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