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Hello blogworld. My name is Jessica. Jessi. Jess. Whatever you prefer. However fast you need to say it.

I am, in this order:
A faithful woman. A Texas Girl {I do not ride to work on a horse, nor do I own a horse}, A devoted wife. A new Mama, to a little boy who has my Daddy's smile. Weak for whiskers and a sad face. A Registered Interior Designer {it's not like HGTV in real life}.

Along with that, I am learning to wait on God's timing. I am what my life is from this day forward, however I am a product of my past. I loved my Daddy with all of my being, and hope my heavenly father shows him grace for the life he endured.
I have three dogs {all dachshunds} and three cats {all rescues}. They rule over us three humans.
My life is a constant battle to learn my way through. I like to use a little bit of humor and sarcasm to make it past each day.  My Daddy used to say, "Jessi, if you weren't funny, you'd just be bitchy, but it makes you sassy." 
I am new to the blogosphere {is it still called that}. This is the most funnest thing since Disney World.  I absolutely adore sharing lives via stories and pictures.  It makes me feel connected to the people in a way that I didn't think was possible. I'm learning new things and I gained my sense of humor back after a season of PPD - it's like the blog world is my bestie. Not to replace my real life besties, of course. I find myself snap, snap, snapping away with my camera phone so I can share the inner workings of my brain with my new friends. 

Whilst preparing for our first Easter as a DeWitt FU {that's Dad talk for "family unit}, I encountered the Wal-Mart Vortex... anyone heard of this? I hear the same thing happens at Target.
I went to buy a new sippy cup. Callen is learning to hold and drink. Which means I make it to work with make-up on more often. 

Hottie hubs was at work. Child was at the babysitter. I went Shopping!
First I came across this. I decided it should be my motto.
But of course.

Then I realized....

Do you see a sippy cup in there? NO!! Is that my purse at the bottom? NO!! It's a new one. Those are t-shirts for mom, onsies for Callen, caffeine for Mamma & Daddy, and little somethin' sweet to eat for the trip. WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?! 
I by no means am trying to plug a certain beverage company, but Hottie Hubs works for them, and we cannot live without "The Real Thing." Hey, they pay my mortgage, I support. 

Oh yeah... Here's my Fancy Button. 
Come visit me. You're sure to have a laugh or a cry. 


Breann said…
Love you Jess! Congrats on the feature!!!
Slidecutter said…
You had me with the cat rescues! Congrats on being featured, Jess! Love what I've read, looking forward to reading more!

Debbie said…
Oh, I have a serious "Target Vortex" issue. I always leave the store with bags of stuff I didn't go there for.

Off to see you at your blog! Congrats on the feature.
Mollie said…
You should buy a horse.
Jenny Stephens said…
This is a STELLAR blog! I'm now following!!!

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