4th of July Extravaganza

It's about that time to start decorating the insides and outsides of our homes for Fourth of July. While out browsing in bloggy land I've noticed a few of you already started working on your holiday crafts. Here at For the Love of Blogs we love to show off what you've got. We would love for you to link up your 4th of July recipes, crafts or home decorations that show us your love for this holiday. If you aren't here in the states, you can link up your Independence day recipes, crafts or home items, and share with us how you celebrate.

This isn't just for crafty people, it's a celebration of our Country and how you choose to celebrate it.  
Share your table decorations
Your favorite recipe
 Your adorable animal
 an outfit for your kids
 a centerpiece that you're using
Anything that shows how you celebrate and decorate!  This will run from today, until The 4th of July! It gives everyone plenty of time to show off what they have and come back and find something great to use! Link up, and share this with your friends, the more that link up, the more inspiration! 



KY said…
WOAH!! That dog is WILD! hahaha
Eschelle said…
HA that's awesome. I know triplets i grew up with who were born on the 4th of July... always travel to the states for their bday for the constant supply of fireworks ! :D!
Shannon Pate said…
Oh, yeah! I cannot wait to get creative with this one!! How fun! THANKS!
I feel like I need to dye my dogs red white and blue
Thank you so much for letting me know about this linky :) I Can't wait to see all the creative stuff people post!!
oh, my, that dog is so funny! hehehee
Remy said…
OH MY. The dog. -laughs- Hope that is pet-safe!

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