Sponsor Love with Kate and a little {giveaway}

About me: 

I learned to cook from my Bubbe (my grandmother), my grampa and my mom. We would cook and bake together at every opportunity. My grampa taught me the best way to have good food was to put love into every pot, pan and plate. Grampa also had this "secret" tomato sauce and the secret was the love he put into it with his finger! He always dipped his finger in the sauce and it would taste better!
I grew up on amazing food and Jewish family recipes for Matzah Ball Soup, Latkes (potato pancakes), Kugel and Choruses (a traditional Passover dish made from apples, nuts, honey, wine and cinnamon).  One of my favorite foods growing up was and still is escargot!  

My favorite food quote:
Food is so primal, so essential a part of our lives, often the mere sharing of recipes with strangers turns them into good friends.  That's why I love this community.  ~Jasmine Heiler

What I like to do:
I love to cook & bake, but baking is my passion. I dream up recipes and food combinations just to wake up ready to bake. I bake alot at odd hours and before or after work. Baking is my happy place. I can be and do what I want/feel in the kitchen. I love food and I love how feeding people makes me feel. 

My Work:
I work within our family business, sounds crazy right. I am 3rd generation and I love it. I have been here for almost 4 years. We sell furniture and I love it. 

What inspires me:   My friends and family are a huge inspiration in my life and they are the people who push me to be the best me I can be. I also love that they  eat everything I serve and although not everyone is supportive of my blogging, I know this is the best thing I can do for me and  I am happy blogging.  

Something new about me:
I have no pituitary gland- I had a brain tumor removed in 1995 when I was just 15 years old. It was wrapped around my pituitary gland and it messed up my hormones, my growth,  well it messed up just about everything. It has taken me almost 15 years to feel normal again and to be ok with who I am. I have some major self esteem issues and body issues that have come about with all of my health problems. That is why blogging is so awesome for me. I can be exactly who I want to be in the kitchen and with my writing. This is the true Kate and no one sees the mess behind the computer screen. I am happy blogging because what you read is who I really am.
Now Kate is graciously giving 2 ad spaces away: if you love her blog, you should enter to win a space to show off yours!
How it works:
  • leave a comment here telling us you want to be displayed on Calamity Kate and what you enjoy about her site!
That's it! Leave one comment and we'll announce the winner next week! xoxo


Slidecutter said…
I would LOVE to be displayed on Calamity Kate's site!

Just visited her blog and discovered her Drunk Cupcake recipe...I'm sold! Will need to make/eat plenty of these to help deal with Blogger's meltdowns, lol

Congrats to Kate on being featured!

Connie said…
Love the cinco de mayo cupcakes! Such a sweet blog!
I'd love to win an ad space on her blog.
I left Kate a comment at her site, but I could barely type because I was so distracted by the photos of the lovely food! I believe I NEED THAT CHICKEN NOW.
I would love to be on a site that is fun and pure. I love to find random humor in my ordinary life. :)
Kristina said…
I have been following Kate for a while and I just love her blog, and the delicious dishes she comes up with that then teases us with via photo. Love it. Can't get enough!
Amy said…
Kate's blog is a new discovery for me (and the reason I love FTLOB!). I love her design and her recipes are "doable." I like that they're not fancy, or vegan, or require trips to a specialty store. They're REAL and that's how I like to cook too.

Just finished browsing Kate's blog. I think that it is wonderful. Although I am not the greatest cook, I am learning and love when I find receipts. They all look so good.

Plus, baking is what I love. I will say that making an adult only cupcake looks so fun and i am actually planning to try it for myself... she has a wonderful blog

Good luck to all..
I would love to be seen on such a creative blog. I love that Calamity Kate has a tab called "wish list", as a list maker myself, I have a wish list of [vegetarian] foods that I am in want of making also.

I'm going back now to see if you have a Latkes recipe posted, the one I've been using is only so-so.
JessRaquel said…
I would love to be displayed on such a talented blogger's blog! Her margarita cupcakes look AMAZING! I need to give that recipe a try pronto!
Zayda said…
Omg omg omg Cookie monster cookies!
Zayda said…
Hahaha sorry about the excitement on the previous comment, but yeah, those cookie monster cookies look amazing!
She has a great blog and I would LOVE to be featured on it.

zayda.calvo (at) gmail.com
Jenny said…
her blog is so fresh and neat, and the food looks sooooooooo good :D i loves it!! :D
Kate is officially the best. She has a wonderful heart and is a wonderful cook. I'm so happy to see her featured here. ~ Courtney
melody-mae said…
this is what I adore about ftlob! I went to her blog and wow, such yummy photos of delicious food!!! The homemade girlscout cookies? YUM!

I would LOVE to be seen on her creative, fun blog!
Adriana Iris said…
because anytime we can connect is a good opportunity.
Hannah said…
I'd love to have my button on her site!

i love all the food!
Branson said…
I would love a spot! Anyone who makes drunken cupcakes is obviously awesome :)

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