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My name is Lesley and I'm the author of Ireland Ever After. Ireland Ever After is the blog I started to keep my friends and family up with my happenings in Ireland but now I hope everyone reads it because it is pretty good. Of course, I'm biased. Sometimes it is good, sometimes it is probably weird or boring or all of the above. I tend to talk about my cats a lot, which I don't mean to, but it comes out before I realize it. Yeah, so if you don't like cats you may just wanna skip over those posts. Anyway, I met my husband, Barry, who is from Ireland then wrote a book called Coincidence which is published and which is very loosely based on my relationship with Barry. If I hadn't of met Barry I would have been on the fast track to being the crazy cat lady down the street all the kids talk about.
Next, Barry and I got married in September 2010 and then we had to decide what country we were going to live in. The USA, my home, or Ireland, his home.
After much thinking...we decided I would head to Ireland. So, that is where you will find me, in Ireland with my two cats, and Ireland Ever After is where you find me talking about, panicking about and learning all about living in Ireland and of course, adjusting to married life.
Come and join me...you'll find something to give you a little giggle I'm sure.


Pretty Things said…
I love the "dress in the car" photo!!!!
Anonymous said…
I LOVE Ireland Ever After and cannot wait to get my hands on a copy of Lesley's book! xoxo
Slidecutter said…
Your cats immediately got my attention!

Cute post, looking forward to reading more!
Ireland Ever After is one of my favorite! Great feature :)

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