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Well hello there “For The Love of Blogs” lovers! It’s me! Katie from “Simply Kate.”
My blog is, as the title suggests, simply about me. I write about my life, and impressions; my ideas, thoughts, and quirks. My mind bounces from one point to another, always wanting to try this thing or that. My blog is very much the same way. So while my life is hopping from day to day, my blog is following along excitedly!
I’m a 21 year old girl starting a new life in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sin City is exciting and scary and I am loving every new adventure. And what’s more, I love blogging about it!
I never go anywhere without my camera and nearly every post I write is loaded with pictures! I want my readers to feel like they are actually coming with me on my escapades. Blogging is more than just writing about your life; it’s about interacting with people across the globe that you never would have been able to otherwise! That thought is so incredibly exciting, wouldn’t you say?
I’ve always had this incredibly crushing notion that I’ll never be able to meet all the people I should be able to meet in this life.
The other day, I was driving down the freeway, surrounded by cars; and I thought “Who are all these people?”
I want to meet as many people as I possibly can. And blogging is one way I plan on doing so!
Life is meant to be experienced and enjoyed. And that’s what I intend to do. And I can’t wait to share it all with you!
Come join me on my quest through life! It’s going to be fun times!


Slidecutter said…
Congrats on being featured, Kate!

What a nice way to start the week!

Lost.in.Idaho said…
Congrats on the feature!

And red Chuck Taylors plus red tutu = awesome, no matter who's wearing it. Even *I* could rock it! (not that I'm gonna try...) But you? You make it look easy.

Awesome idea on the camera. If people always carried a digital camera with them, imagine all the memories we'd keep!
Madison said…
What you are doing is fabulous Kate. Have fun, lot's of fun!

chantilly said…
yeahh girl, congratulations! i love the red frilly tutu :P
What at cute blog.....Love finding new blogs through this one...
Anonymous said…
Can't wait to check out her blog!!
Kate Weber said…
Oh sweet! I didn't realize I was featured! That makes me super happy! It's like the perfect way to start my birthday week! :D
Jacqui' said…
I love Simply Kates blog!! =]
Congratulation for being a featured blogger. looking forward to reading your blog.
Sinea said…
Congrats on being featured blog, Kate!

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