Featured Blog: My Happily Ever After

Hello lovers! 
I am so lucky to be featured here today on FTLOB with all of the fabulousity that they have to pick from.  Thanks for having me!
My name is Rachel (aka Mrs H), from My Happily Ever After and I started blogging after my fairytale wedding.  All of the storybooks ended at happily ever after, but none of them told you what that was supposed to be.  So I decided to tell the story of my happily ever after.
That's me, on my wedding day
My blog is all about
learning and loving,
inspiring and being inspired 
and sharing it all with you!
Walking off into our happily ever after
I'm not going to lie, my blog is a little all over the place ecclectic
I like to post about all of the fun things in my life,
from my fab Hubby and rambuncious puppy (affectionately nicknamed Boogerdog)...
to my favorite etsy finds...
my ameteur photography...
and easy peasy crafting...
A family picture with baby Boogerdog
She's way too squirmy to take a good one now...
In recent months, I've developed a ridiculous love for my slow cooker,
documented in my *Slow Cooker Scrumptiousness* series,
which is full of easy, quick crock pot meals that don't break the bank
I love that I can pop them in before work in the morning
and come home to the hot, steamy deliciousness at the end of a long day.
So, don't be shy, stop on by!
We can be new BFFs.
Let's inspire each other.


Mrs. H said…
thank you so much for featuring me! i feel so lucky to be a part of such an amazing blog!!!

<3, rachel
Slidecutter said…
Call it "my really need to know"...how did you come to name your fur baby..."Boogerdog"? lolol...that's a classic!

Congrats on being featured, can't wait to visit your blog!

Have a lovely rest of the week!
Kristina said…
Aren't you just the cutest! I'm headed to your blog right now!! Can't wait!
Natalia Lynn said…
Oh, I always love a good slow cooker recipe!! Thanks for sharing!
melody-mae said…
congrats on the feature. I love that you said you like to inspire and be inspired, how awesome!

I love my slowcooker too, it makes the house smell so yummy!!!!

Again, big congrats on your feature!
Ms. Wake Up said…
Congrats on the feature. I love reading successful stories featuring strong women achieve what they deserve--greatness!
Jenny said…
i just came from her blog. very nice readage :D i enjoyed it !!
Sinea said…
So happy for you that you are the featured blog. Many blessings!
Anonymous said…
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