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well where to start...
how about the beginning.
in high school, i would blog all. the. time. 
i would blog about random stuff like what i ate for dinner.
or sometimes i would blog clever little stories about things that irritated me, 
or things that made me happy.
i was a carefree girl.
me being carefree.

another thing i did a lot in high school was spend time with my boyfriend.
he was my high school sweetheart. 
he was also someone who was there for me while my parents had a terrible divorce.
and he's been there for me ever since. 
8 years this year. 
right before i graduated... well i'll just say it like this...
i got knocked up.
i kept a diary from that time and 
it still gets me teary eyed.
when i open it up and re-read my thoughts 
it's as though i can still feel all those feelings.
right after i graduated paul and i moved in together.
in a condo.
it was... pretty sweet.
my first taste of independence, that is.
but lets be honest, 
everyday was not sunshine and butterflies. 
paul and i were both so young. 
and both feeling a lot of pressures. 
plus, i gained 55lbs, and being 18 years old.
that was terrifying.
we were judged by everyone, even some of our family members.
but as long as we were together
nothing and no one was going to bring us down.
we were a family. 
baby brogan.
he was beautiful.
he changed our lives.
i wasn't your stereotypical young mom.
brogan came before anything. even myself.
i made coffee every morning and dinner every night. 
i went to bed at nine.
i didn't party like everyone my age was.
i was boring.
all i cared about was being 
a good mother because everyone was watching me
and waiting for me to fail.
i never did and...
we never did. 
after careful observation.
we both realized that...
 we liked the way we moved.
he was an awesome dad.
i was the bomb at being a mom.
and we had survived all the ups and downs.
we won an uphill battle.
we. were an awesome team.
by the time brogan was three years old 
we were having another little boy.
or as we would call him... chunk.
he was a beautiful addition 
to our family.
and once he became mobile,
a very crazy addition to our family.
always keeps you on your toes.
life has been pretty good to me so far. 
so i started blogging again, and it's all coming back to me now. 
i had kept it private at first.
then my mom got cancer and i decided to document a portion of her journey...
and now i share it occasionally
and follow people that i find interesting.
i love the blogging community. 
i love seeing so many different things and people.
i can't travel the world realistically
but with blogging you kind of can virtually.
plus it gives me a little something.
i know it's not a job, 
and i don't get paid for rambling but...
it works for me, for now.
so you've heard the beginning.
and you've made it to the end of this
ramble of mine...
i would love to hear from you.
and thanks for your time.
tootles for now!


Slidecutter said…
I love your story, it brought both tears and smiles; very touching.

Good for you in all that you've done and will continue to do!

Congrats on being featured!

Hugs (especially to those babies!)

As the daughter of a young mother (she was 17 when I was born) and a youngish mom myself (my first was born when I was not yet 21), your story touched my heart.

Chrissy said…
Love your story, couldn't stop reading, your writing style is wonderful! Coming over right now!! xxx
Lindsay said…
Such a great story! Will definitely be visiting your blog!
Kimmy said…
You wrote your story really well. :) am hoping onto your blog right now :) x

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