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Hey there, y'all! My name is Stephanie, and my blog is The Coexist Cafe. I am a writer, paralegal, eclectic Pagan, and vegetarian foodie and connoisseur, and my blog covers... well, just about all that and more!

When I was 13, I went through a lot of life changes, as most teenagers do. Unlike most rebellious ones, though, who end up dropping those changes like the bad habits they often were, I instead stuck with them and became the vegetarian Pagan everyone knows (and loves!) today. I've officially spent more than half my life as both of these, and I've got the recipes and spiritual know-its to prove it.

My often-better half Matt and I have been together since summer of 2005 and married since Samhain (Halloween) 2010. As an engineer, cultural Jew, and full-fledged omnivore who is altogether analytical, methodical, and skeptical, he is, for all intents and purposes, my polar opposite. That's okay, I love him anyway. ;) In fact, it's these -- and many other -- differences that make me love and appreciate him more and more every day.

Our interfaith wedding had several Jewish elements...

... and several Pagan elements!

And the most important, a couple madly in love. :)

We moved from Florida, where I was born and raised and which explains my superfluous use of "y'all", to Maryland at the very end of 2009 for Matt's job (I mean, it's not every day you get to work at NASA!). While it's been fun, it's also brought a lot of other new and exciting changes to our lives, from seeing what winter is really all about...

(With a saucepan, natch.)

... to buying our first home!


The Coexist Cafe started as a way for vegetarians who had meat-eating family, friends, and significant others to have a space to discuss food-related  issues, share recipes, and otherwise build a kinship with people who are in the same position. As it's progressed, I've also started to cover more coexisting topics, such as interfaith marriage and relationships, religious/spiritual holidays and traditions, and stories about how Matt and I make it all work. Oh, and once in a while, I throw in a personal tidbit about our lives. :)

I like to think of The Coexist Cafe as a place that goes beyond simple “What are you?” and reflects on  “How can I make this work with someone different?” Yup, that’s you guys! I hope you find the food, the talk, and the company to be enjoyable!

I love meeting new friends, so swing on by and introduce yourselves! I look forward to meeting y'all. :)

The Coexist Cafe


Kate Weber said…
Congrats on getting featured hon! You have such a great blog! <3

Simply Kate
Slidecutter said…
One of my fav blogs...so nice to see you featured!!

Have a lovely Sunday!

Adriana Iris said…
i heart her. i follow her and found her through here.
Anonymous said…
Whut whut! This is awesome! Thanks so much for the feature, and for all the awesome friends I've met here. :) Looking forward to meeting even more!
Colleen said…
I discovered the Coexist Cafe a few weeks ago, and have been in love since. Definitely one of my favorite blogs.
Sosanna said…
Congrats on being featured, I love these pictures!

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