Calling all Shop Owners

dear friends and lovely supporters of We Heart Shops, thank you for being patient, the site is finally finished with more terrific ways to promote your sites. In an effort to drive more traffic to your shops, we've added a ton of features to better support the growth of small businesses.

Now the GFC is there for shop lovers to stay up to date with new arrivals, new shops, freebies and giveaways that we will now be offering. Every FRIDAY will be Freebie Friday, driving more attention to your shops and to give our supporters a chance to get something nice in return. Freebie Friday will consist of Free Downloads, Free Prints, Free tips and tricks, etc.....If you have anything you'd like to put out there, please contact us at weheartshops (at) aol (dot) com

Also giveaways will be hosted once a week starting in July. Please let us know if you are interested.

PS: our Fabulous Summer Giveaway Bash here at FTLOB will be starting in July. Please get a hold of us if you wish to offer an item in return for sponsor love @ bloglove at aol dot com

Thanx once again for all of your support and helping us be the fabulous community that we are! xo


Stefanie said…
Are you asking if shop owners would like to provide an item for a give away? If so I would be very interested.
We Heart Shops said…
Yes Stefanie:) We'd love to start hosting giveaways once a week starting in July (maybe sooner depending on how fast it grows) and each Friday will be a Freebie of some sort:) Thanks----email weheartshops at aol dot com
Chrissy said…
I am so in!!!!
I'd love to provide you with a giveaway......will email! Thanks a bunch for supporting our shops.


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