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Good Day friends and Happy Friday! It's the weekend, whoooo! I just wanted to clarify the voting poll as we received some emails that were concerned. When I set the poll up through bloggers gadgets, I add everyones names and the voting begins. I can NOT edit the poll once a vote is on there. If any of you have had a voting poll through blogger on your sidebar, then you know how it works.

I tried to edit the date on the very first poll we did and it wouldn't allow me to since there were votes already on it. So the one day we noticed over 400 votes and then the next day we noticed a little over 100 which told me this was doing it again. Every month for some reason, towards the end of the voting it gets a glitch in it and I'm not sure what causes it. BUT i can ASSURE you that we, on our end cannot take votes away or add any votes. We have it set up so that members cannot do repeat votes. It's one vote per ip address. You can change your vote but you cannot vote more than once.

When the voting was over 400, The Abundant Life was in the lead and that was correct because we can see where our traffic is coming from. It was Between her and Chasing Davies the entire time.

When the glitch happened the votes were under 100 and Chasing Davies was in the lead and I questioned whether it was correct or not but knew the glitch took place as it did a couple times before on past months and we had other nominees sending emails and thought something was funny as well.

But then the voting closed and the votes went back up to their normal high numbers and so I assumed it fixed itself. The votes this morning say over 700 which is accurate. If it said over 300 I would re-do the entire Blog of the Month because then I would know that something was messed up for sure. Since it does say over 700, I'm assuming it fixed itself and the votes are correct!

I'm not in the poll and not sure what the problem is each month. It's nothing to do with us tampering, it's a glitch in blogger as we all know how great blogger is at glitches and mishaps. I cannot explain it.

But I can and will do my best at making each of our members happy because that's what we're here for and I'm all about exposing not taking that away from you. To put everyone at ease and make it fair so no one thinks something fishy is going on, I am placing Chasing Davies as Blog of the Month, The Abundant Life right underneath it and if any of the nominees would like to send me a 105X105 button for the month of April then send the link to me at

bloglove at aol dot com

Thanx for being here, enjoy the beautiful weekend! xoxo


b. lee said…
what a freakin' headache, Vic * * hope that clears it all up!

CONGRATS to Chasing Davies & The Abundant Life & the 5 other nominees * * an extra shout out to TexasGermNadian ;)
Debbie said…
How frustrating this must be for you! You aren't the only one having issues with blogger poll gadgets. I just read a blog yesterday where the author was having to re-do hers because most all the votes had vanished. Hopefully blogger can fix this soon.
Chrissy said…
Oh no, hate when those things happen! Hope it all works out now! Have a wonderful weekend sweet FTLOB ladies!! xxx
Bloggin in PA said…
Congrats to the new blog(s) of the month!!!
Mollie said…
I used multiple IP addresses from all over the world to vote multiple times.

No I didn't. But how hated would I be if I had?

So sorry, Caleb = ;_; I tried.
How sweet you are FTLOB to count both of these lovely blogs.

Congrats to the abundant life and Chasing davis
melody-mae said…
oh Vic...what a pain! I hope the glitch gets fixed though! Congrats to all the nominees!!!
TexaGermaNadian said…
Both blogs are great, so why not have two this month :) Congrats to both you ladies! Glad you were nominated so I got a chance to check ya'll out!
Congrats to the two winners! And to all the fabulous blogs that were nominated :)
Ashley said…
Great solution! XO
RIW said…
I enjoyed the poll and I really liked the Henry Happened blog - for some reason I could related to it.

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