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Hi everyone, I'm Becky from Rub Some Dirt On It You may have seen this charming face before:
I'd like to share with you an opportunity to become one of my first sponsors!  I am branching out to the world of accepting advertising on my blog because it's either that or get a part-time job at Panera, so we'll see how this goes first.
Why Should You Spend Your Hard-Earned Money Here?
Here are my statistics, as of today, 3.30.2011
  • I have been blogging for my family and friends since 2008, but only really put my blog out there for public consumption in February 2011.
  • Since then, I have grown from 32 to 259 followers (an 800% increase in two months)
  • I had 10,305 pageviews last month, up from about 3,000 the month before
  • I'm averaging about 500 pageviews per day
  • I have 62 followers on Twitter
  • I have 55 friends who like my page on Facebook and 137 people who like my homepage
  • I have had two features on BlogHer.com in the last month and have had my crafts featured on three different websites recently; you can see the links here
As you can see, I haven't been doing this very long, but I've already had excellent exposure and an amazing increase in followers. And I don't simply ask people to follow me back to boost my numbers; these are people who (I hope!) genuinely like my site.
Here's what I'm offering:
  • A 150 x 150 ad placed in my sidebar
  • At least one featured post per month with details about your blog and any specific info you'd like to share
  • Facebook and Twitter shout outs about your blog and any link ups, blog hops, and/or memes you offer
  • I'd love to promote your etsy shop with a discount for my readers, a promotion, giveaway, etc.  I'd be happy to work something out
Everything listed above, with an ad in a prime location, for the following prices:
$5 per month
$12 for 3 months
If you're interested, please contact me via email atrubsomedirtblog@gmail.com I'm excited to begin working with you!


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