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Hello... Blog World! I'm Christa, a 30 something wife and mother of 3 busy little boys ages 4 and under. I was a private blogger for 3 years, then I started following other blogs-- better than too much reality TV... right!?!?  I found it amazing that I was learning so much from these blogs-- family blogs, crafty blogs, inspirational blogs and some just really funny blogs! I was inspired to do more with my own blog and use it as my creative outlet.

I entered the public blog world a couple months ago and have met (in cyberspace :) so many wonderful people! And the best part is, I don't have to leave the house or my super comfy yoga pants. Not that I change to go out of the house, I live in jammies, yoga pants, wife beaters and hoodies. Like most SAHM's :)

So... My Blog
Our life is this unpredictable journey and our blog is my way of documenting it. I'll never get an award for the craftiest gal, but I still like to post my projects along with kids activities and some girly/mom stuff. I enjoy posting adult stuff too, like our date nights-- those nights are soooo important! Especially when you get so busy with the kids. 
Date nights are like an adult time-out... but a really great one!

p.s. I'm not a great writer and would never claim to be. I like run-on sentences (thank goodness for spell check!) I like to use too many periods, dashes and smiley faces :)
But that's just me.

Our Little People: Are my love & inspiration, and this coming from someone who was never certain she'd have or even wanted children. These little people have changed my world for the better and forever!!  I love babies so much that I'm currently working on the man for another one... we'll see?? :)

And speaking of "the man" I've got to brag about my husband too (he will kill me if not :) he rocks because he is the most honest person I know AND he's the coolest cucumber I've ever met-- I used to say if he were any more laid back he'd be dead- seriously! I'm the high strung one and he's the chill one, so a perfect match of opposites = l-o-v-e. 

I've recently become obsessed with my new camera (a Christmas gift from the man) Hopefully when I read the instructions (someday :) my pictures will get better and more creative. Oh, and I'm obsessed with my Mac too! On my "to do" list... I'd love to learn the video creating and editing part of it (maybe this summer?) Some of my favorite blogs have these amazing, cool video's that are great inspiration. I know some of you hard core bloggers out there have seen what I'm talking about!

the end :)

thanks for letting me share some stuff!!

Our Little Bubble


a love post. I'm heading over to your blog now.Hugs and I hope you'll stop by and enter my latest giveaway to win a gorgeous dress!
-dweej said…
Your boys are absolutely adorable! So cute :)
VaishVijay said…
Like you I've been a pvt blogger for the past 2+ years and just entered this kind of blog hops AND again like you recently I'd received a cool DSLR camera from my hub. See, within a couple of weeks after entering this kinda blog hops I can find like minded (or at least ppl in similar) ppl so fast!

Yr BW photo is fantastic, it looks like the 2 younger ones are following the oldest and up to some mischief!

Sure, I will visit your blog...have a great week:)
my3littlebirds said…
Sweet, sweet babies. On my way to pay you a visit now!
A great post...loved getting to know you......The nicest people are in te blog world
thank you all & thank you ftlob's! my first feature, how fun! :) I look forward to finding more great connections here! mucho appreciation, xoxo Christa
Debbie said…
What a lovely family you all are. I'm going over to your blog now.
Slidecutter said…
What a beautiful family!

Love your post and am looking forward to reading more; many congrats on being featured!

Happy Tuesday,

Becky said…
I love this blog and look forward to reading it :) Congratulations on the feature!!
Love the post....love this blog..

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