Featured Blog: Mad Psych Mum

This is a story that first began with the two of us.
The hubby and I at our honeymoon in Switzerland
That's me, Madeline. I graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor in Psychology and am currently going to complete my Masters in Psychology. My research interest is in Pediatric or Child Psychology and I conduct research among children with cancer and their families. My master's thesis looked at the quality of life, coping and social support of children with cancer. My future career will probably be in the area of children and education.

In 2004, I met the love of my life in our church and we got married in 2009 in a beautiful matrimony in the heart of Singapore. After many overseas trips and fun times together, we decided to move our relationship to a new level.

A year later in July 2010, our darling baby girl was born.
Carrying baby J at the hospital
This also marked my matriculation into the University of Motherhood, where I will probably not graduate from as long as I am still a mother.
I started my blog mainly to keep a record of the lessons motherhood has taught me and to share experiences with others.
I like to think that I'm not a typical mum (whether that's true or not). I believe parenting is like fishing (analogy courtesy of the hubby). Pull too hard and the line breaks. Let it go too loose and the fish swims away. We've got to know when to let go and relax and when to reign them in. Same theory for everything else, come to think of it.

Other than kissing my baby every night before she sleeps, I also love the color pink, Japanese food, themeparks, travelling, collecting memorabilia, painting, decorating, shopping and grabbing stuff when it's on sale. I'm also a typical Singaporean who loves freebies, getting out of our small island even if it's just to go to Sentosa and feasting on delicious food. I can't live without dark chocolates, eggs and cheese.

I hope you will stop by my blog, MadPsychMum @ University of Motherhood. You have my thanks if you do! =)

And thanks to FTLOB for the feature =)


Erika said…
That last photograph is the very tip of the pillar of acceptable adorableness! Any more and we would need to dispatch the adora-police. XD Dang...adorable.
-dweej said…
I agree! She is a precious nugget of plumpy cuteness. Ack!!! :D
Her face is squishably awesome <3 D'aaaaw.
Madeline said…
Oh my goodness I just saw this! Thank you so much for the feature and the nice comments! Yes she is a hefty 10.5kg! I can hardly carry her around long enough before my arms give way! Haha.
Erin Wallace said…
Execellent parenting analogy and such a cutie!
Slidecutter said…
That analogy is perfect and your little girl is just exquisite!!

Lovely story!

Congrats on being featured!

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