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Hi, I'm Ixy and I'm a blogoholic. I started writing Illusion; in December 2010 and I get more addicted every day, thanks to the great FTLOB community. My blog roll just keeps growing and growing!

But hey, I'm a Scorpio and we're not exactly known for moderation. One time while reviewing my bank statement, I realized I'd spent $85 in one month at Baskin Robbins (ice cream parlour). My fitness trainer once told me I was addicted to sugar "like some people are to crack". Good thing I'm just as obsessed with exercise!

I married my high school sweetheart, Jeremy, after 10 years of dating and I'm so lucky to have found him early in life. I love clowning around and I knew he was The One when he laughed and got silly with me, instead of rolling his eyes at my antics.

Last year we had a little girl, Sasha, who's the best thing ever. I'm constantly surprised by how much I love her, because I'm not the maternal type. I once said I thought kittens were cuter than babies, so in the hospital after my c-section, my mom asked if Sasha was better than a kitten. Obviously...

When not scarfing down ice cream and dancing around my living room with Jeremy and Sasha, I'm analyzing financial statements in my job as a chartered accountant at an insurance company. I love reading and writing, and blogging is an outlet for the creative side of me that I gave up when I switched my major from English to Business.

I'm also a famous klutz and there's an "epic falls" post making its way to the front of my draft posts line-up. It's still winter here in Canada, so I'm just waiting to see if I end up with any new material, since I haven't fallen down yet this winter and that's a record. Some fool suggested the solution to this was to give up my heels, and that walking into work isn't a fashion show. In the wise words of my sister, "Oh, honey. Everything is a fashion show!"

Well, that's enough babbling for now. Please stop by - I'd love to hear from you!


Slidecutter said…
Double Yay! If I wasn't already a Follower, I'd follow you again!

Congrats on being featured and, again, thank you so much for that lovely award; you are too kind!

Have a great evening,

Rebecca said…
Such a cute introduction!
kyari0919 said…
Yay congrats for being featured! I love reading ypur blog because you're goofy like me!
Jen said…
Awesome intro, from one Canadian Scorpio klutz to another!
Anonymous said…
This sounds great, heading over now to check out your blog :)
-dweej said…
Oh Ixy, I don't know you yet, but I plan on us being friends! Oh yes I do. Not just because Cancerians and Scorpios are both emotional basket-cases, but also because you used the word "fool" to describe your co-worker in your write-up. Awesome!
Trina Curran said…
What a cute post! Going by to say hi. :)
What a neat post! Looking forward for more post from you. Thank you for sharing!

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