the anonymous project

hey there. i've been seeing new comments on the cleaning out the closet posts, so i just wanted to remind everyone to check out the anonymous project whether you like to read or write. we moved the cleaning out the closet because it just didn't seem like it was everyone's cup of tea and that way it would be separate from ftlob.
some of us are not comfortable with writing how we truly feel on our own blogs, so the anonymous project protects you from revealing your identity and at the same time, helps you to move on and release the stress you may have been keeping inside.

your story can be about anything. everyday happenings, something that happened in the past, the sky is the limit. we also protect our writers from any negativity. it's not allowed. our settings for comments are to be pre-approved just in case someone doesn't like what they've read. That's fine but they cannot leave it on our site. we encourage our readers who may relate to offer support in comments and if they have nothing supportive to say then it won't be published as anonymous will be reading.

since we've been doing this, no one has ever left a rude comment. everyone seems to be supportive and very understanding. our goal is to help you, be encouraging and be a friend {an anonymous one} ;-)

if you'd like to share a story please submit to bloglove at aol dot com

enjoy the eve, xo


Salonie said…
The stories there are heart wrenching. Been following it for some time now.
Heart goes out to those people.

Anonymous said…
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