Zo & Liv Creations: on we heart shops

if you are anything like MOI; then you love cards, invites and pretty letters! Zo & Liv Creations is on We Heart Shops! These Custom designed Invitations are super elegant and fun.

from birthday party to wedding invites, you can count on Zo & Liv Creations to make your day come to life with gorgeous cards!

to find out more about Zo & Liv Creations, we heart shops has a featured page about her! and to buy these invites today, head to the Zo & Liv website! enjoy......

to get a lifetime of advertising, visit the we heart shops get published page. and do some shopping {even window} while you're there! new arrivals happen everyday!


Debbie said…
Awesome! Thanks so much for doing this :)
Salonie said…
I lovvee the baby shower card!

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