A Thank You Post

we haven't said it enough lately- so, we thank you all so much for your support and kindness! in the entire year that i've been blogging, i've never felt so worthy. when i first started blogging and getting involved with communities, I'll tell you something- I was so turned off by the negativity and the bickering between ladies in a certain community-{we won't tell you which one that was because they are so not important} but to be involved with a group of women that were eager to tear a newbie apart was very unattractive and needless to say, i've never been back there and since read so much about it happening to other people.

so when i thought i was going to give up on networking, i said, to hell with that....i'm going to create my own space where i don't have to deal with non-sense and hopefully make it a place where people will never feel the way I had in that community. and i hope you all feel very much at home here because if you do then that means, we're doing something right and if you don't; then we need to fix that asap!
to each of you that have TWEETED galore about FTLOB, we THANK you so much! your tweets and comments brighten our days. to those that have grabbed our We Heart Shops buttons to help spread the word-THANK you kindly! it means so much to have your support. for those blogging about us-good golly; you just knock us off our feet. Thank you so very much! and if you want to see a little more about us-you can check it out on our Blog of the Week feature over at My Best Friend Jules. We have secrets and We know you are dying to find out what they are! ;-)

Again thank you FTLOB members! You are the BEST!


mskanorado said…
The Thank You should go to you! Thank you for having this blog community! I have never seen anything like it, and I have hopped around to other communities and honestly, I was over going out there and networking I decided it wasn't worth it and it took too.much.energy. Then I found your site! So I thank you for having this and thank you to all the lovely members on here! I truly look forward to coming to the FTLOB site! Have a lovely day!!
TexaGermaNadian said…
It could be a thank you fest back and forth :) But you guys have really been amazing. Your hard work and everything you do mean so much to all of us! Thanks for gathering such an amazing group of bloggers!!
xxx mervi
Kristi said…
It takes a pretty amazing group of people to orchestrate a truly fulfilling community. Before FTLOB, on Blogger, I was never a community blog kind of gal. You 3 have brought a lot more happiness into my love for blogging. So really,

Thank YOU.

Ms. Blasé said…
Even though I've only been a member for a short time, I have to admit that it's been a positive experience for me as well :) This is probably one of the most active groups that I'm involved with. It's great!
...with ♥, SB said…
FTLOB is fabulous! I am so happy to be a part of this wonderful expierence. I have came across some lovely blogs from here. I would like to give you FTLOB, a Huge thank you! x0x0
Slidecutter said…
If I didn't land here thanks to a very special friend...Narragansett No.7...I might not have continued blogging. It's scary outside of the wonderful world of FTLOB!!

I've met some incredible ladies, more like what I love to define as kindred spirits, and eagerly look forward to all they share each day.

Ashley, Vic and Lindsay...you are amazing!

Thanks & Hugs!

I agree, you've created a wonderfully positive and encouraging community here. Thank you!!
Anonymous said…
Seriously, the thanks goes to all of you! What a fantastic and supportive community. I only wish I could hang out here all day long and peruse the talent you introduce on a daily basis.
Thank you ladies!!! As a newbie myself, I was SO thrilled to have found FTLOB!!! Here you don't feel like the smallest person on the totem pole with nobody who cares... AKA those other sites. :) Thanks!!!
Ashley said…
I agree Vic, this is an awesome place filled with amazing bloggers! I'm so happy that we have been able to encourage new bloggers and help people showcase their talents. We love all you guys! Xoxo
thanks to you all for providing a safe and enjoyable space to unleash our creative energies (whatever the field). i agree that there are a lot of people out there who are self-interested enough to discourage others - especially newbies. definitely feeling a positive vibe here :)

keep up the good work.
-Mallori said…
I don't think you should be thanking us. I thank YOU GUYS for creating this place. I have found so many amazing blogs to read, and through reading them I have made friends. I never knew how much I enjoyed blogging until I got involved here! Thank you for giving me my voice back!
Chrissy said…
You have created this amazing place for us to come and get to know each other - you support our blogs, our shops, everything!
You are amazing and I am so proud to be part of this! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart to all of you three amazing ladies! xxx
ixy said…
Ditto all the pp!! I started my blog in November and was on the verge of giving up on it when I found FTLOB. I joined comment love Sunday this last week and had such a great time hopping around and reading the comments left by this great community. Thank you for creating this space!!!
Ashley said…
I have found so many wonderful people from here so it is truly a win-win situation. I love it here. :]
Poekitten said…
Thank YOU! FTLOB is a great place and I enjoy being apart of it:)
Thank YOU! I love love love this blogging community!
melody-mae said…
FTLOB rocks and I could not be happier and more at 'home' than here!!!! thanks for all you do for us bloggers!

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