Sponsor Promos

we're already in a new month friends. wow! time sure flies. if you were part of our last promo where we told you about several amazing sponsor deals, even free-then you know all about our promotions-

if you are new here and would like to get an insight on sponsorship and get some advertising as low as free on some participating sites, then stick around and meet some amazing people.

within the next few days we will have our March sponsor promotion post go out! Now please Listen UP! The list was way too long last time and that's partially my fault! I'm doing it much simpler and hope you'll bear with me.

If you are offering sponsors on your blog- drop a few lines in our email bloglove {at} aol {dot} com telling us you want to be included in the March Post- We NEED:

-your blog title and url
-the deal
-an email or contact page so people can reach you

That's it! We will direct interested blogs your way and you can take it from there. If you'd like to create a nice button like the one above giving details on your sponsor rates, etc....Feel Free-

will have this posted this week and if you have any questions, just email us-we'll take care of you! thanks all!


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