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Hayley from The Weekend File here! I wanted to extend the internet olive branch out to my fellow FTLOB members and offer you guys a chance for free small ad space in the month of April. I have 3 slots that I am going to give away. Since I assume more then three of you might be interested (Gee, I sure hope so!). Just send me an email and let me know why you are interested in teaming up with my blog. If just three of you message me, then all 3 of you are in! If more then that are interested I will do a good old fashioned contest and let the boy read them and choose. Very official, but if your blog happens to be called 'Beer and Football' you might have the advantage... kidding! I will select the blogs on Monday, March 21st.
All you will have to do is submit a button to me by March 25th. Simple! After that, if you are interested, you can send me a little feature post and I will do a feature on each blog each Monday of April. For information on button sizes and my blog stats, head over here to check it out.

Thank You-

if you are interested in a sponsor me post, simply send the info to us at bloglove at aol dot com


Kandy said…
How Fantabulously Sweet!! <3
Anonymous said…
How awesome!!
Ross said…
This is great! Thanks Hayley!
Girl in Oslo. said…
Great idea :)

Have a nice day.

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