Handmade Trade- Partners

Hi, CRAFTY people! We are super excited about making something for our partners! Everyone will be teamed up with a friend to create something for them. It must be homemade and it doesn't have to be anything extravagant. This is all in good fun and about making new friends-and Showing our Crafts off!

Everyone who left a comment here is participating,-if for some reason you cannot fulfill your end of the trade-email us and we will take care of your partner. We don't want anyone getting left out! We understand that things happen, so if you can't play along-just let us know!

We will have a month to get everything together and shipped. Hopefully this is enough time for everyone. If it takes you a little longer, no probs. We will get our craftiness on, ship to our partners and then post about it so everyone can see. We will put the Linky up so you can share your post and it will be up for a few months, in case you need extra time!


Kim at My Fairytale Cottage kimberlygillian@gmail.com  and  Lisa at Joyful Jones ldsoulesjones@gmail.com

Maggie at Maggies Hand Knits maggiesknits@yahoo.com  and  Renae at Oliver's Inspired Mama oliversinspiredmama@yahoo.com

Alely at Oh Sweet Lee Me ohsweetleeme@yahoo.com  and  Nichole at The Story of a Girl  thestoryofagirl07@gmail.com

Liberty at Liberty Original  lma76@comcast.net  and  PoeKitten at Many Waters soleary05@gmail.com

Chas at A Woman's Haven awomanshaven@hotmail.com  and  Moe at Cross My Hooks crossxmyxhooks@gmail.com

Jackie D at Travel Girl  jdpickle2@gmail.com  and  Saved By Grace Designs savedbygracedesigns@gmail.com

SB at Social Butterfly   Lerwill517{at}yahoo{dot}com  and Liberty at lma76@comcast.net

Kym at Travel Babbles kymberly.young@yahoo.com  and  Chrissy at Chrissy in America chrissyzang[a]gmail[dot]com

Amanda at Too Blessed to be Stressed jandrmom2009 at gmail dot com and Truly Lovely trulylovely.laney@gmail.com

Victoria at Be One of a Kind gardenofedendesigns@yahoo.com  and  Rachel at A Life so Lovely alifesolovely@blogspot.com

Melissa at Days Filled w/ Love  daysfilledwithlove@gmail.com  and  Beth at a Warm Bouquet warm.bouquet@gmail.com

Michelle at Wandering Still michelle.wanderingstill@gmail.com   and  Danielle at Positively Positive

Nuha at Habibi  nuhasofiyan@gmail.com  and   Branson at Reflection of Something bloggybranson(at)gmail(dot)com

Melody-Mae melbalina@aol.com   and   Slendiferous Girls sherpuck@yahoo.com

Bobbi at Dats So Cute  datssocute@gmail.com  and  Aleks at Aleks Handmade  alekshandmade@gmail.com

Kristina at A Perfect Dose of Life kristinam.streeter@gmail.com  and  Leonuh at The Laughing Lion laughinglion@hotmail.co.uk 

Ambrosia at ambrosiaclark@yahoo.com   and  Gale at wichserstudio@gmail.com  

Tribal Made at tribal-made@hotmail.com   and  Cate at cate.connery.bury@gmail.com

Ashley at eisymorgan@gmail.com   and  Stephani at tomorrowfarm@gmail.com

Love Everyday at christy@loveveryday.com  and  Jodi at pbest@ntl.sympatico.ca

Jamie at jamieawelch@Yahoo.com   and  Debbie at dlmccormick@triad.rr.com

Repeat by Heart at repeatbyheart@gmail.com   and   Lindsey at mcaulays at hotmail dot com

Sherri at sherrilynmomma@gmail.com     and   Shannon at  eatprayloveliveblog(at)yahoo(dot)com

Secretly Loves Pink at secretlylovespink@gmail.com  and   The Clark Clan at leggs9@hotmail.com

Emma at emmuk74@gmail.com   and   Marcy at lifesgristle@cox.net

Amanda at citygirlgonecoastal@gmail.com   and    Vic from here at FTLOB at bloglove at aol

Ashley at afterninetofive@gmail.com   and  Cloe at chloe_yellow@hotmail.com

I THINK I GOT EVERYONE and I TRIED to LINK the Blogs to the Emails so Everyone can Check Everyone out and Email each other to Get this Creation Rolling!

HAVE fun making your Craft and Take your time- we have a month or longer! If you need anything please leave a comment or email us! Thanks to everyone-this is going to be nice to see when we link up!

if i missed anyone, i apologize and just let me know in a comment,... thanks


KY said…
Yeeeehaw you couldn't have picked a better partner for me =)
Leonuh! said…
I am so so so excited for this!!!
what a fun idea!! if you do a round two count me in! ;)

Hugs & Loves, Ariel
lindsey said…
Super stoked about this!
Can't wait to get started :)
Salonie said…
Yikes! I missed round one!
Fingers crossed for a round two!

I love the things you do here at FTLOB!


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