Featured Blog: Tree by the River

Welcome everyone to the interview with blog writer, thinker, amateur photographer, and nature lover, tree!!!

Interviewer (I): So, I couldn't help noticing that your name was Tree. Could you enlighten us to why you chose such a name?

Tree (T): Well, my name is tree because my parents named me after a tree. I know you may laugh, but they did have their reasons. I was named after a tree from a poem. A psalm, to be exact. In it, the tree grows strong, and does not wither, steadily growing towards heaven. To expand my name a little bit it would actually be tree by the river, because in the Psalm it talks about the tree next to the "river of life". This gives me hope because even though I might wither, and become weak, with the river next to me, I will always be supported. It is an analogy for me walking in life with God always next to me. I really like the name, and I always try and live up to its expectations.

I: You're parents seemed to be very creative! But what about you? What exactly is this blog of yours?

T: My blog is called treebytheriverblog and it is my space to write my thoughts as I grow up as a tree. I try to write meaningful posts that make you think, and I always try and encourage my readers. For some insight into my blog, look at some of the post titles! "What a tree thinks", "Joy. How it has changed", "Back to the roots", and lots more. Really, I write about anything that is on my mind, but in a meaningful way.

I: How interesting! I can't wait to see you blog. But now to the next question, what is your motivation behind writing your blog?

T: I started my blog first to see if I could keep it going (which it seems I can), but then I was really affected by the comments I got. People were saying that my blog had encouraged them, shown them things to think about, and made them see some light in a dark world. From then on, my aim became to try and encourage my readers every week with a nice post. I still enjoy reading my reader's comments, and it keeps me going!

I: Enough about your blog. Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a Christian teenager (although you might have thought I was an adult, I get that a lot), who likes taking photos, thinking, using photoshop, playing guitar, and writing on my blog. I live in Australia, in the beautiful scenery, which I love to look at from my window.

I: Finally, any last comments to any future bloggers, possible readers, and just passerby's?

T: I would love for you to stop by my blog! And please comment if you can, because I would love to hear from you. Even if you didn't like my blog, comment anyway, then I can improve it! My final words are, thanks for listening to my interview, and I hope that you are encouraged in some way today!


Debbie said…
If all teenagers were as mature and insightful as you are...well I can't imagine what a better world this would be, with so much potential! Love your blog.
Ms. Blasé said…
Wow! I loved the story behind your name!!! And, I have to admit, I did think that you were an adult. *smacks forehead* Sorry about that. Didn't mean to put teens into a box.

I'm headin' over to your blog right now! Can't wait to look around :)
Slidecutter said…
I'm so taken, both with your name and blog. Congrats on being featured; I'm so lucky to have one more fab blog to follow!

Treebytheriver said…
Thank you everyone! You should be thanking my parents for my name, not me!

I hope I can live up to such a nice name!
Rebecca said…
I just found your fun/sweet blog. I can't wait to dig in and read more!

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