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Hello world. My name is Jackie D, otherwise known as travelgirl, and I love all things travel-tastic, humorous, adventurous, and awesome. Half of my blog is about the excursions I've taken around the world (most recently this past September to Ireland and Scotland), and the other half is about what I do while I'm home and saving up for my next big escape.
I think the things that you do at home everyday are just as important as the adventures you have when you're away -- I'm a girl who loves to write, craft, decorate, attempt to be fashionable, and take pictures, so while my blog is mostly about travel, it's also about all of these other little things that make me who I am on a daily basis, little things that I love about home but that also inspire me to go out and see something different.
Mainly, this means I talk about my cat a lot. I mean, just look at how cute she is:

Travel is and always has been my one true love. I believe that it is worth anything. I don't care what it puts me through. I feel like it belongs to me, and that it makes me a better person, and that it's one thing I can actually say I'm good at. I believe that every girl should have at least one grand adventure in her life, whether it be across the seas, across the country, or just a few towns away.
I believe that girls who travel kick ass. I believe that hostel friends are some of the best friends you'll make, that getting caught in a rainstorm while looking for a place to eat in Prague will always, always make a good story, and that coming home after three months with no money and 1000 pictures is the only worthwhile way to go broke.
I believe that people will always be friendlier than you think (as long as you aren't a sass), that backpacking is 500% better than dragging a heavy suitcase, that sporadic decisions are more worthwhile than meticulous planning, and that taking a train across the European countryside will change your life.
Any of you who know me will know that I spend much of my time being a sarcastic little sass, but I'm always dead serious when it comes to the things I believe about travel and adventure.
If you like any of the things I've mentioned, or if you just enjoy being awesome, I think you will like my blog, and I hope you'll stop by and check it out.

After all, I also believe that one of the only things that makes travel worthwhile is having someone to share your stories with!
Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you'll take a sec to check me out here.  Happy wanderings!


Jackie D said…
Slidecutter said…
You had me with...sarcastic! Right up my alley, lol. Enjoyed your post and congrats on being featured.

Will be doing some desk chair traveling when I read your blog.

Have a great week-emd,

TexaGermaNadian said…
Great read and great feature!
Girl in Oslo. said…
Loved the shot of the cat:)

Have a great day.

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