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Good day bloggers! Welcome to a new week here at ftlob! we have a ton of exciting new posts coming up! enjoy a feature before we get into the look book today!

Hello friends! I am Liz from lil-Liz-Bits.com!

I am random. I am odd.
I am me...that's all I have to be.

I am head over heals in love with my husband and three small kiddos! Our oldest is adopted and we wouldn't change a thing. We learned sooo much through this trial. He is amazing! His birthmother is amazing! Our middle boy is as adorable as they come, and our little angel girl makes me melt with her smile. I burst daily with my love and adoration for my lil family.

I am addicted to the color red. Seriously. I could live in red.

I am spunky and optimistically cheery.

I love to smile and handout compliments like they are candy! Friends are a precious commodity and the more the merrier. I love to be silly and make people laugh (you should hear me karaoke...eeee!). Oh yeah, I like to be the center of attention...(big grin).

I dream big, I am picture trigger happy (can you tell with all the pictures?), I love to snuggle cuddle, and naps are the best presents. I don't think I could ever get enough hugs or kisses from my kids. *sigh*

I am a hopeless romantic and a sentimental boob. My husband is a Naval Officer and currently in Nuclear Power School (yeah!). Oh, he is such a hottie in uniform. Oh la la!

I am a grrrreat mother and an amazing wife. (Hey, if I don't toot my own horn, who will?) Go woman power! I say all the time that my kids and husband are p.e.r.f.e.c.t...for me (and that is really what it is all about.).

Life should be fun...if it is not...change it.
I hope you will come by and "check me out" (not in the creepy way tho). See you around!

When I die, I want this said at my funeral:

lived. I documented. I made a difference.


Congrats on the feature....such an adorable family! Nothing wrong with tooting your own horn!

Ms. Blasé said…
"Oh yeah, I like to be the center of attention...(big grin)."

Well, you're the center of attention today!!! Congrats, girl :) Love your bio!
Natalie said…
Oh how fun! I liked reading your feature! Your kids are adorable. :) I will have to check out your blog! Have a good day. ~Natalie
Slidecutter said…
Congrats on being featured; already follow you and love your blog.

Beautiful family, you are blessed!

Happy Monday..going outside to scrape "Spring" (snow) from my car...ugh!

Chrissy said…
Great feature! Congrats! And what an adorable family! Happy Monday!
Alida said…
Congrats on the feature... off to go and check out the blog!!
Liz said…
Yipeee! Totally in love with my lil family...and thanks for everyone who has stopped by.

I love this site...and I love it even more... hee hee!

It really is a Happy Monday!!!
Ross said…
Congrats on the feature! Hope it made your day! Great family you have!

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