Featured Blog: The 'J' Family

My name is Jen.  I am the master behind The "J" Family.  
Well, the master of the Blog, that is.  Jeff is the Daddy and he's the man of the house.  We are a little Family of three: Jeff, Jen, and the little sparkle of our eye... Jaelyn.  This little family of three lives in SUNNY Southern California.  We enjoy every second of our sunny days and take full advantage of being outdoors.  We enjoy beach trips, river days, and the smell of the mountains.  I am a stay at home Mommy, while Jeff is a real-estate agent by day, and a herpatologist by night.  He works hard for the money, and we do all we can to scrape by.

My Blog is based around our little 7 month bundle of Joy.  I created my Blog when Jaelyn was one month old in hopes of improving my photography skills, and making my photography business boom. My Canon is glued to (not literally :)..) our little Jaelyn on a Daily basis through our little journey of Life while capturing every hiccup, and milestone along the way.  I do my best to document every "YAY!", uh-oh, and thata-girl moment through the lens of my Camera.

I must admit, I'm not the best when it comes to explaining myself.  Writing is far from my favorite thing to do, so I do my best to tell a story through photographs.  

Please get comfy, sip on some coffee, and take a journey through the life of The "J" Family.
You never know- you may even get a smooch from the Bug ;]


How adorable is little Jaelyn!!! Love those big blue eyes! Happy feature day to Jen!
Gertrude said…
Aww Jaelyn is so cute!! Loved this feature x
Mandy said…
Awe! I love Jen and her blog! What a cute feature!
cailen ascher said…
what great pictures!
b. lee said…
oh my * that little J bambino is freakin' adorable!
Chrissy said…
So cute! Congrats on the feature!! Happy weekend!
Debbie said…
Just went to your blog - I love your photography! it is beautiful.
Hockey Wife said…
Congrats on the feature! Your little one is beautiful, I love her little smile dimples!
shah wharton said…
What a beautiful baby and such great pictures. This blog always has the best pictures. Shah .X
Slidecutter said…
What a precious little china doll Jaelyn is, you are blessed!

Congrats on being featured, enjoyed your post.

Have a lovely week-end,

Aww cute baby and cute family!

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