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Good morning friends! Today is cleaning out the closet and we will have that up soon! Relax and enjoy a feature!

Hi all! My name is Lexi. I'm 27 and very recently married. I am an attorney by day, pretend writer by night. My new hubby is an MD/PhD Candidate (a.k.a., an interminable student; a.k.a. he works all.of.the.time.) Until a few short months ago, I spent all of my free time planning the kitschy-est wedding I could come up with. I pride myself on being tacky and pray the paragraphs I scribble on the back of napkins will morph into a bestselling novel (or series...I wouldn't complain.) I have a blog where I spend most of my free time: Glitter & Pearls.

I love my blog the way I imagine normal, sane, functioning people love their children, their dogs, etc., etc. But I digress. I post about everything and anything I fall in love with, from clothes to shoes, pretty pictures, decor, cooking/baking (subsequently eating), everything wedding, my lame attempts at quilting/crafting/resorting to a glue gun, even the big scary future.

For example, at Glitter & Pearls, you can learn interesting and useful fashion techniques, such as the "arm carry". Ahem, the arm carry (a.k.a. arm candy), is the tortuous process of carrying your handbag at the bendy part of your arm (medical terminology ... I am also seeing the term "reverse elbow" coming into fashion sometime soon). Read below for further and fascinating explanation.

Fashionable women across the pages of Vogue, US Weekly, and so on, carry their purse-of-the-moment in the crook of their arm. And oh, how comfortable they look. But have you ever tried actually wearing a top handle tote on your forearm? I mean, really tried.

Step 1 - Fill said purse with your favorite nonsense ... cell phone, wallet, keys (all unnecessarily large), cosmetic pouch (or lip gloss and powder if you're a minimalist - or just plain smart), sunglass case (I refuse to ding my Balenciagas), first aid kit (okay, I'm a freak - but guess who has the band-aids/eye drops/lozenge ... I do! I do!), nail file (necessary),pen and checkbook (I like to diversify), and candy (fat free, duh.)

Step 2 - Hold glam purse chic-ly on forearm.

Step 3 - Move handles to crook of arm to alleviate some of the pain.

Step 4 - Walk two minutes.

Step 5 - Throw stupid couture handbag at husband and storm away.

{Purse images a la Fashionising; via Penelope and Coco}


Jenna said…
Haha I love this feature! - The purse on the forearm thing is too true!

My boyfriends also in the process of getting his PHD now and I feel you on the work all the time thing... because he really does work all the time!

Ms. Blasé said…
Since I'm an "across the chest" purse wearer, this is all new to me. My philosophy consists of two words: sling purse.

I'm still gonna check you out, though, 'cause I wanna see how the "other half" live :)
Tierney said…
Oh hey Ms. Thing! Look at you being featured! I loved your post, and giggled at the purse carry. I totally do that all the time, and I realize I look like a total DBAG wanting to show off my awesome bag.

Jen HaHA said…
I am guilty of this. My handbag is so heavy but I don't know why. It must be all of those gold bars in it :D This "arm carry" especially weighs on me when I have to stand on the bus and hold on with the other hand. Note to self: remove gold bars and just use certificates.
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Crystal said…
OMGosh you're a hoot!!! I love your humor and can't wait to check out your blog!!
Julia said…
Hilarious! I'm not sure when it was decided that the good old shoulder-carry was too frumpy. I'd much rather have advanced stages of scoliosis in a few years than a bum elbow, duh.

Anonymous said…
Thanks for this :)
Erin said…
Hahaha that is awesome! Thank you for bring humor to my day!


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