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hello friends. we are so happy to be sharing your blogs with these wonderful people we have here. today's featured blog: Following a Fox

About Me:
I am an engaged 24 yr old American who is about to embark on a crazy journey by following my Canadian fiance's hockey career. Currently, I live in Massachusetts and he is playing in Finland.  We have been in a long distance relationship since he decided to play professionally 5 years ago.  We are getting married this summer and we will begin our Hockey journey over seas together around August.  I have never been a "live in" hockey wife so my lifestyle will be changed completely and my world turned upside down.

(I'm actually the American and he is the Candian)
About my Blog:
I decided to start this blog first and foremost as a way for friends and family to stay in touch with my fiance and I and to update them with news about his hockey season.  Since I first started the blog it has kind of evolved into a space to express my views and feelings on different topics related to the hockey lifestyle.   I still give updates on my fiance's hockey career, but I wanted to create an open environment to talk about (sometimes) controversial topics and a place to share stories about different experiences being a hockey WAG.



Fun cake! :) Fits you both it sounds like! Congrats on your upcoming wedding!
Anonymous said…
Hooray congrats!
Mollie said…
Awesome! Can't wait to read!
Mollie said…
Okay, if the Hockey Wives/Fiancees/Girlfriends follow their men anywhere/everywhere, THEN I'm going to follow the HWFG's... And I'll buy the first round of drinks. This gal is great!
TexaGermaNadian said…
Yeah for the feature, girl!
Slidecutter said…
Welcome and congrats on being featured!

Looking forward to reading your blog..especially about anything controversial. Right up my alley!

Have a lovely week-end!

Hillary said…
Thanks for the comments everyone!

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