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Hi Everyone! We're happy to be here sharing our blog with all of you. We're Emily and Jaime from Everyday Art.

We're two sister-in-laws (Jaime married Emily's handsome older brother) who believe that everyday can be filled with creative outlets, and we love to explore them.
It's so fun to have a sister-in-law that you want to find excuses to talk to each other--it's great! We started a blog a few months ago because we used to live next to each other (literally a few doors down) and now that we are states away from one another we needed a way to bounce ideas of one another, show each other our projects, share recipes, etc.
Here's what we've been working on lately.
These little magnets are so easy to make and so fun for the kids. The possibilities are endless.
This dish really is as good as it looks. Emily first discovered it, but (because we love to share) it's been adopted by both households whole-heartedly
Berry Cobbler
This is so yummy! And so easy--it cooks while you eat dinner.
Jaime's youngest is turning one next week, so she searched high and low for the best party themes!
Here's the example of a rainbow-themed party from our post of many ideas.
And the list goes on and on! We also love to crochet and knit and have recently started sharing a weekly menu every Sunday evening called "What's for Dinner?" (who doesn't want help planning meals?) We have all sorts of fun posts coming up--fun winter keep-your-kids-busy creative crafts, a hooded towel tutorial, and rustic no-knead bread recipe.
Thanks for allowing us to introduce ourselves!
Lots of love,

Emily & Jaime

blog: www.our-everyday-art.blogspot.com


Slidecutter said…
Wow...that Rainbow cake looks wonderful! The Pasta..delish and..the Berry Cobbler..all I have to say is thanks for sharing all your talent!

Congrats to you both on being featured!

I want that plate of pasta... Um now. It looks SO good! Congrats on the feature girls! Sister-in-laws are the BEST! :)
my3littlebirds said…
I will look forward to following your blog...looks right up my alley!
Looking forward to reading!
Chrissy said…
How fun! Will go and say hi! Thanks ladies!! Hugs xxx
Hockey Wife said…
Congrats on the feature! Love your blog!
Anonymous said…
I'm excited to go check out your blog! Jealous that you both found a cool sister-in-law/friend. My sister in law is evil. Really!

Congrats on the feature and have a great Friday :)
Such a beautiful blog! I look forward to reading more from y'all.

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