Featured Blog: Confessions of a Chubbie Chick

It's really nice to meet you. I normally like to describe myself as a no one looking for a someone. However, I am really a twenty-one year old girl with some of the biggest dreams in the world just no roadmap to find her shooting star.
More specifically I am studying elementary education at a school in New England, it isn't my calling but I'm good at it. I am the most passive aggressive, up front person you will ever meet. Some might say that's a cliche' I call it originality. I try to be the best human I can be, however I will please everyone before myself and determine my happiness based upon the happiness of others. All in all, I am a person looking for a path, hoping for the best, and always prepared for the worst. I've hit rock bottom, I hated it but I am not afraid to go there again. Bottom line if you have nothing to risk you have nothing to truly care about. That's the skinny on me.

My blog? Well Confessions as I like to call it is my life journey, the path I choose day to day in search of said shooting star. I am unique, as a college student I am always experiancing something blog worthy but what makes me so much different is I am attending an all girls college, yes that is as crazy as it sounds. Read my blog and you will learn my hopes, dreams, fears, and loves. Confessions of a Chubbie Chick got it's name from my family's taunting, as a child my mom called me Chubbie Chick and the name stuck. So if you drink too much coffee, love laughing like it's you last chance, and aren't afraid to drive in and read something that won't help you attain a college degree then this oxymoron I call my life is for you!


Mollie said…
I've come across this gal before...She's pretty cute!
Slidecutter said…
I love your philosophy on life; hey..it sounds like mine, lol! Your post made me smile...

Good for you on being featured on FTLOB today; this is such a great place with so many lovely people.

She sounds awesome!!! I'm only out of college about 1.5 years... But I miss it! haha!
Mry Jhnsn said…
Super cute interview!
She is so cute! I'm heading to her blog now :)
Chrissy said…
Oh, what a fun feature! Gotta go check out her blog!! Happy Tuesday!

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