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I'm Ashley from After Nine To Five. And every time I'm in front of a camera, that's what my face does.
I just cannot contain myself.

I'm twenty-four years old and have mastered the art of taking on too many things at once. Enter my blog here. My blog is the true essence of my life: too many passions, too much love, too much laughter, and never enough food.

I'm a Marketing student pursuing her dream of being an entrepreneur. A little over three months ago, I quit my job to pursue my dream of working in my pajamas and am here now - pouring my heart into my blog, selling jewelry on Etsy, designing graphics, and loving every single minute of it. I love to take risks, but this was by far the biggest leap of faith I have ever taken.

On top of my blog, jewelery, and design, I also manage the co-authored blog Love Without Training Wheels. I told you - I get around. I also probably spend way too much time on Twitter, but working from home has it's perks. AKA: all day long Internet with too many distractions.
Outside of me and my Internet/work addiction, there's this guy:

We got engaged on the Santa Monica Pier on September 11, 2009. In less than two months from now, I'll be walking along the sands of Jamaica and becoming a Mrs. We are far from ordinary. I swear, it's true, despite the fact that everyone claims this. For instance: The whole name change when we get married thing. We're both hyphenating our names - our "maiden" names first and the other one last. Which means that even after we say I do, we still won't have the same last name. And our future children will hate us for all eternity.

I think that about sums me up. I hope you stop by and say hello. I'd love to meet you. :]


melody-mae said…
congrats on the feature...whoot-whoot. you have a lovely blog
Mollie said…
Save the Endangered Duckface! I ate Indian food tonight! Congrats on the feature! Coming over now to see!
posidanielle said…
I love Ashley! And loved this feature! She is pretty amazing! And i love her silly faces! We are soul mates.

Angel Perry said…
Congrats Ashley! How awesome!
Chrissy said…
Great feature, Ashley! Congrats! Awesome!
Vanessa said…
LOL..I hyphenated..my kid is hyphenated and he doesn't hate me (well not for that specific thing..haha)...

gonna check out your blog :)
Ross said…
Great sites! Keep up the great work.
shah wharton said…
Oh your engagement and wedding to sound beautiful. Congrats and all the very best for your future together.

Shah. x
Slidecutter said…
Good for you! Take on whatever comes your way and have fun doing it! Chase those dreams and be glad you did!

Welcome and congratulations on being featured!


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