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In a nutshell, "The Unpopular Girl in Womanhood" consists of the random thoughts, observations and musings of a single 30-something woman working in Washington, D.C. while still trying to figure out life, love, dating, Christianity and her future.

Although I'm not new to blogging, I just started this most recent blog in January of this year. I think my primary motivations were to 1.) stave off boredom, 2.) to amuse myself (since I crack myself up) and 3.) to share my heart since, on some level, I know that most people will be able to relate.

My parents' home is a bit smaller than I remember.

Because of a real estate venture gone bad, I had to move back in with my parents... which, at nearly 33 years of age, has proven a bit awkward. Outside of my parents' house and in the workplace, I am considered an adult. However, back at home, I am just mommy and daddy's little girl. Currently, I am working feverishly to pay off debt and applying for jobs several states away in order to escape their frequent reminders for me to go to bed early and floss my teeth, in addition to their asking me if I need lunch money (even though I make more than their combined social security checks).

I still have acne, which began at age 11.
I am still not very good at making friends.
And after a 7-year break from dating, I'm still not sure if I want to be bothered with men.

"Hey, single lady, isn't it time for you to get married?"

Society dictates only one path to all of humanity and according to it a person should graduate from college at a set age, leave their parents' home at a set age, get married at a set age and start having children at set age. If a person does not follow these predetermined "guidelines," they are considered a failure or a late bloomer at best. In God's economy, however, every life path is different and uniquely crafted to foster spiritual development and to optimize one's impact for His Kingdom.

Success is often defined as having a good job, a spouse, kids and prime real estate. But in the Word of God, "success" equals faith in the Lord and walking in obedience. As Ecclesiastes 12:13 says, "Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man." One could have all the trappings of what the world considers to be the "good life" and still be seen as a failure in the eyes of God. After all, "what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?" (Mark 8:36)


So, as I journey toward my God-given destiny, I invite you to come along to share my ups, downs and awkward in-betweens. After all, I could always use the company :-)

~Ms. Blasé


Atypical Scott said…
An atypical woman with her own approach, I like it!

As a reminder, ALL women need a man. It just makes the effort a bit easier, although we do not fit in drawers or your purse. :)
Liz said…
One of my favorite bloggers! So exciting to see her featured. If you haven't written her words...stop in because she is a.m.a.z.i.n.g!
Slidecutter said…
So nice to see you being featured!

Take a good look around, just because we're fellow bloggers doesn't mean we aren't friends...

Keep smiling, it becomes you!

Ms. Blasé said…
Wow! THANKS!!! An early birthday gift!!!

I was having a seriously crappy day yesterday and posted about it. Then suddenly I found out that I was featured!! It was kinda like a guest coming over when you're still wearing a bathrobe, beauty mask and curlers :) Totally unprepared. Oh well, at least people get to see the real me... ups AND downs. It ain't all roses, but thanks for taking the time to stop by!
Jenna said…
Wow, can't wait to check out your blog, such a real perspective and something different from the constant smiles and flowers that so many bloggers try to portray.

Congrats on the feature!
Erin Wallace said…
I've been reading your blog for a while and it's great. I love that you crack yourself up and I can totally relate with you about not being good at making friends and still feeling awkward in your own skin - does it ever go away?
JenCal said…
Glad to know I am not the only one puberty never let up on! Highlarious and has been added to my reader!
Chrissy said…
Great feature! Congrats! Coming over now!!! xxx
Anonymous said…
Congrats lovely lady!
Can relate to many of those statements! Glad Im not the only one. Going to try to follow... err keep up ;o)
Crystal said…
OMGosh you're so cute! We have so much in common...I think I'm a riot, acne- wth?? why is it still hanging around, I love the Lord, and I also struggle w/making and maintaining real-life besties! We were destined to meet!!
Hockey Wife said…
Congrats on the feature! Love your blog. I'm married and I'm still not sure if I want to be bothered with men ... especially my husband! ;)
shah wharton said…
Ah - great feature - didn't know it you'd been featured. Would have commented yesterday. You deserve the fuss sweetie. Shah .X
viagra said…
I like what this girl has to say, life is about experiences and joys.

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