We Heart Shops- a new Magazine

Introducing small businesses is one of our greatest pleasures. We Heart Shops is a new magazine featuring shops. The best part about this site is that you will NEVER have to worry about paying monthly advertising fees again. A one time payment will give you advertising for the life of your business.
Each shop will have a photo of one of their products on the front page linking interested buyers to their published ad. These ads will be filled with links and photos about your business.
This is a fantastic, cheap way to grow your business.

Included in your lifetime subscription you will receive:
-a front page photo of your item linking to your full featured ad.
-a full feature about your business including several links and photos throughout.
-a lifetime of advertising. your business will be up as long as your website is up.
-several promotions to get you the best clients, including facebook, twitter, blogs and more.

Each new ad will be placed on the front page in front of older ads as they come in. We will then shuffle them once a month to get you the most exposure.

Remember this is a lifetime subscription. If you are a small business looking for the cheapest way to advertise, this is it.

These magazine ads will be getting the best tweets and posts through a crew of supporters. You don't want to miss this opportunity.

Check Out This New Magazine and Get Your Ad Posted Today-


You guys are so awesome. Just wanted to share that with you. :)
ALELY said…
yes, i second inspire. create. bake!
Anonymous said…
So great. I just love this.
melody-mae said…
ooh, awesome. love this!
Anonymous said…
What an awesome idea!!
posidanielle said…
This is the best idea ever!! I wish I had my shop up and running just for this!! Love you and your amazing ideas!!
Great idea ladies!!! How awesome are you guys! If and when I have a small shop I will be all over this!!
Becca said…
Love it! Do you allow small businesses that sell supplies for crafters? Like mine: www.kindredcreationsideas.blogspot.com

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