Want To Meet!?

Oh for the love of blogs! We here in Blog Land want to get out of our houses to meet face to face. Sit down at that coffee shop and have a laugh! Bring our children to the park to play.

bloglove (at) aol (dot) com

Here's the deal! Email us: Your Name, City/State, a Little About Yourself and Your Blog URL. We Will add you to the list below and that way everyone can go through to see who lives in the same state as them, perhaps the same city. You can arrange to meet up and take it from there. Be sure to have a contact page up, so when friends come visit your site they can get in touch.

Alabama Friends:

Alaska Friends:

Arizona Friends:

Hey all!! I'm Kassi, one of the sisters of Truly Lovely with the Laney Sisters. Truly Lovely for short. I am a newish transplant to Safford, Arizona. My fiance and I are in the midst of preparing for our June wedding this summer! We are also working on finding a house in the Safford area... On our blog, we share the crafts, recipes, wedding planning, etc that my sister, Kayli, and I find to be Truly Lovely! I would love to meet up with any of you lovelies in the Safford area or even general Arizona area!!! :) I'm also open to western New Mexico meet ups since that's where I'm from originally! Can't wait to meet YOU!

Hi there!! I'm Ali from Mesa, AZ! My husband and I were recently married (in December) and my blog is basically just about our life. The good, the bad, the funny, the sad, etc. I'm also finally starting to dabble into crafting so my attempts at cuteness are also shown there. I love hearing from my readers though too! I love getting ideas, doing guest posts, and just getting to know you! I'm always willing to meet new people! So if you're in the Mesa/Tempe/Gilbert area, let's be real life friends and blog friends ;) Come visit me at my blog! "Our Happily Ever After" crazyaligirl.blogspot.com

Arkansas Friends:

California Friends:

Meet Stephanie-
San Diego, CA
Hey there my name is Stephanie Kelley over at My Creative Brightside. I live in San Diego (Escondido to be exact), California and i would love to meet up with fellow bloggers!! My blog is composed of scrapbooking, crafts, fashion, recipes and more.I design for Ever After scrapbooks in Vista and have done a few other online design teams. Right now im trying to take on Sam the Cooking Guys recipes online and hope to tackle them all!! I love networking with other bloggers and seeing what inspires them. Im 23 years old and have been married for 2 1/2 years now. My husband and i just bought our first home which is a huge project. We teach 2 and 3 year olds in Sunday school at our church and enjoy going to the desert to ride. I love making new friends and seeing new places. Come say hi and stay awhile :)

Meet Christine-
Los Angeles, CA
Bio: My name is Christine Rose and I was born and raised in the LA area! I recently moved back home to study entertainment publicity at UCLA  after living in the San Francisco area and working as a newspaper reporter/editor for five years. I started my blog, "Lovingly Simple," to share what inspires me in photography, interior design, art and fashion. It keeps me smiling every day! I'd love to meet bloggers with the same interests in my area!

Meet Sonnia aka brownbugz-
San Jose, California
I'm the Group Organizer of Reckless Seekers group in Facebook. I normally organize fun sporty events from walking to hiking, biking, badminton, beach volleyball, paintballing, rappeling, indoor skydiving, go-karting and Dodgeball on Trampolines. I do take tons of photos in every event. Sometimes, we do get mellow and just meet up for dinner and talk. We are all foodies! My group is open to those who want to be active once in a while on a regular basis. In fact, I have an upcoming White Water Rafting trip scheduled on June 24-26, 2011. So far we have 12 members committed. I need 40 in our campground. It will be so fun! I blog about most of my activities and I do post photos. I also take up suggestions from members with regards to other different events they want to happen. My group is a friendly bunch! Come say Hi!

Colorado Friends:

Hi there! I'm Kristina! My husband, Ryan, and I live in the Beautiful State of Colorado with our 2 dogs {and 3 cats}! We love spending our free time in the great outdoors whether it's hiking and fishing, or having an night in our backyard grilling and spending time with friends. I started blogging in 2007 after I moved to CO from KS to be with Ryan in 2006. My blog is a perfect dose of life - because that sums up what my blog covers - life, and all that comes with it...including love, day to day life, friendship, family business, traveling and food! I have made so many friends blogging - and continue looking forward to meeting more! :)

Connecticut Friends:

Meet Kat-
City/State: Madison, CT
Hi, I'm Kat and I'm a really good time!  My husband and I met in college, got the same job, and moved in together.  One night of partying led to another and we ended up taking our friendship to another level, getting married, buying a house, getting some puppies, and expecting our first baby (she's already overdue...just another proof that she's going to be stubborn like me).  That's the short - here's the long.  I started to blog to keep track of life (so I can always look back and go, OMG What was I thinking?), store some good recipes (and obviously share them with you),tune up my photography (I'm only learning), and, mostly, as a writing outlet.  I'm blunt, sarcastic, and sometimes funny (even if I am the only one laughing).
Come Hang with me!

Delaware Friends:

Florida Friends:

Hi! My name is E from The Art of Making a Baby
I am a 26 year old married fun and crazy girl who is about to embark on their biggest journey of a lifetime, Baby Making. My husband and I are business owners and we tend to be workaholics.
But at the same time, I have a ton of hobbies that  I love pursuing: photography, video editing, tennis, beach bumming ( hey, that's a hobby), blogging, playing drums.
I have met some of my best friends and my husband on the Internet and I am looking forward to meeting more great people.  

Georgia Friends:

Hi!  My name's Summer, also known as "The Rebel Crunch Mama". I live in Pooler (Savannah), GA.  I'm a "kinda" crunchy mommy to a 9 yr old "gifted" boy, a 17 month old drama queen, and another boy due in March.  You can learn even MORE about me here!  My hubby and I moved up to Georgia from Florida in April 2010.  It's not always easy to make quality friends and I blog about my experiences as a mommy, a "crunchy" mommy, a wife, someone who suffers with PPD, my family full of (legitimately) diagnosed ADD, and my journey from codependency into independence.  I say it like it is and I write like I speak.  I hope to meet you soon!

Hey! I'm Emily from Valdosta, Georgia. It's a small town just north of the Florida border. I'm a proud stay at home mommy to my son, Kye, and enjoy blogging about all our fun adventures in parenthood. From breastfeeding to Babywise to constant travel and a deep devotion to Christ I blog about it all and would LOVE to find other mommy bloggers near me :) My blog is at The Journey of Parenthood!

Meet: Adriana Iris
City/State: Savannah, GA
A bohemian mother of three that is inspired by all the beautiful things in life... Art, food, fashion,parenting,photography, travel and culture. You can find me HERE

Hawaii Friends:

Idaho Friends:

Illinois Friends:

Meet k. Marie
Round Lake, IL

I am a mom of 2 beautiful daughters and have been married for 10 years.  I love beading and making jewelry.  I love wine, singing, being outdoors and having fun being laid back.  I have a fun, easy-going personality. You can find me here.

Indiana Friends:

Iowa Friends:

Kansas Friends:

Kentucky Friends:

Louisiana Friends:

My name is Megan and I'm from Shreveport, Louisiana! I am a newlywed to a wonderful fireman. I am also a nurse in the emergency room. I started my blog during our wedding planning and have decided to continue it since I have made some amazing friends! I learning how to balance a career and being a wife...one day at a time! Come stop by!

Maine Friends:

Maryland Friends:

Massachusetts Friends:

Michigan Friends:

Meet Liesi
Grand Rapids, MI

"My name is Liesi and I'm a twenty something blogger from Grand Rapids, MI. I'm
a part time student, part time employee, and full time crafter and blogger. I'm
a lover of anything crafty and DIY. I make and sell a variety of embroideries
and creweling projects. I blog about current projects, inspiration, artists I
love, and 30 day challenges. You can find me at www.toocrewel.wordpress.com.
Can't wait to meet!"
Meet Jennifer-
My name is Jennifer and I'm from Grand Rapids, MI.  I am a full time working mom with three kids who is also taking online classes at night.  My husband works full time and is a volunteer fire fighter and first responder, who also does a little photography on the side.  Our days are long and our nights are short...you can follow at http://www.dishesinthedryer.blogspot.com/

Minnesota Friends:

Mississippi Friends:

Missouri Friends:

Meet Becky-I am a single mom of two drama tweens who are determined to become divas extraordinaire no matter what my bank balance says. I am a blogger, a wanna be photographer, a dork, a lover of margaritas and stilettos. I am learning to parent alone, and live with bipolar disorder although I don't let either define me. 
I live north of St. Louis in a little bitty town nobody ever heard of, and spend most of my time in or around St. Louis I might as well just live there.
I blog at Welcome to My Life and would love to meet other bloggers in the area.

Montana Friends:

Meet Kim-
City/State: Bozeman, MT

Hello Lovelies!! I am an optimistic female with a love for life and I tend to flavor the sour with a lazy eyed grin {yes, I have a lazy eye... right side}. In other words, I smile through my troubles and laugh through the difficult. I am wife to an amazing man and mother to a spastic silky terrier who licks the floor on a consistent basis {anyone know why?}! I am  a photographer, an adventurer, the curios George type who loves sending time in the great outdoors. I travel {often}, move {often} and fidget while sitting still! I am currently learning to ski and will soon tackle ice climbing. If I could I would live as a surf/ski bum and I actually have a legal document to open a Beach Bar in the Caribbean within the next 5 years!
I am also a sagatarius who loves long walks on the beach, a BAG of Salt-n-Viniger Chips and solid rum and diet... just to add a little spice!!
Join me in my crazy/silly/changing life with a little dose of hockey wife...

Nebraska Friends:

Nevada Friends:

Meet Jamie-
Hello! My name is Jamie, I am a stay-at-home mamma of 2 boys ages 3 and under a year. I have lived in Las Vegas for nearly 8 years now. We moved from sunny San Diego. Everyone thought I was crazy. My mom was mad at me at first for moving to sin city, but in the time we have been here, my husband has grown a successful real estate business and I actually like it here. I am always looking to meet other moms to share stories with over coffee while our kids burn off energy together! I started blogging about 6 months ago as way to stay sane and remember that I was Jamie before Mommy. Come on by and say hello!

New Hampshire Friends:

New Jersey Friends:

New Mexico Friends:

New York Friends:

Meet Ellie-
Hi there! I am a fashion blogger from New York City. I am always looking to find others who love fashion, and who want to enjoy this beautiful city. My blog link is http://www.ellieeckert.com/!

Meet Keri-
Hi Y'all! I'm Keri Smith and I currently live in Fort Drum, NY. although that
doesn't really make much of a difference, since we move every few years.
I'm a 30-something woman, trying to keep a grasp on my youth while slowly
letting go of my sanity. I make this happen with the help of my little
friends, Xanax and Vodka, and a twisted sense of humor. My life seems to
revolve around men, which is my penalty for dating too many of them in my
single years. Now I am punished with two adolescent sons, one of whom has
Asperger's Syndrome and gets bullied a lot. The other one thinks he is a
stud with the ladies, and will probably result in another teenage pregnancy
to carry on our family tradition of unexpected fertility. As if this wasn't
enough manly fun, my father lives with us as he gets his life back together
following a split from my mother after 30 years of marriage. Throw in my
Canadian-born, US Army Sniper-husband and you've got a party (or cult, in
some areas of the world.

North Carolina Friends:

Meet Sonya-
Fayetteville, North Carolina
I am a Military Homemaker with 2 sons at home 13, 8 and a 20 year old that lives in Wilmington. I enjoy what the Lord has in trusted me with as a wife and mother. I love to scrapbook and show others how to preserve their memories, go out for coffee with friend, spend lots of family time and most of all if we are not at home we are on a baseball field somewhere. I love Jesus with all my heart and enjoy sharing with everyone. I blog here.

North Dakota Friends:

Ohio Friends:

Oklahoma Friends:

Meet Mallori-
Norman, Oklahoma
I am a 5th year college student who will be graduating in May. I am a passionate person when it comes to the things and people I love. I love running, but don't do it as often as I should. I blog at aiukli-because life is beautiful to share with you what makes my life beautiful.

Oregon Friends:

Pennsylvania Friends:

Rhode Island Friends:

Meet Amy-
I'm Amy, I live in Ashaway, RI.  I'm an Air National Guard wife (my husband Nick is also a civilian firefighter).  We're coming up on our second wedding anniversary (2/28).  We've been together for 5 years.  I'm currently a SAHW.  I'm a photographer, in the process of starting my own business.  We just bought our first house.  I love meeting new bloggy friends!  I hope to get to know y'all!

South Carolina Friends:

South Dakota Friends:

Tennessee Friends:

Meet Sara- 
Bristol, TN Hello all! I just started a blog, Wandering Sara. I have struggled for a while now deciding what I want to do with my life, and I am now on the right track to figuring it out. This blog will document that journey, as well as what I wear daily (ok, when I get dressed), books I'm reading, and just life in general! One reason I wanted to start a blog is because I'm hoping to travel around the US with the boyfriend, and I'd love to make friends in many different areas and cities! You can visit me here: http://wanderingsara.wordpress.com/

Meet Danielle-
Hendersonville, TN
I am a wife to one amazing husband and a SAHM to two awesome kids (7 and 5).  I was born and raised in upstate NY but have settled into Hendersonville, TN and love it here!  I love to cook, craft, eat, drink, chat and all that good stuff.  I blog at http://mostlyfoodandcrafts.blogspot.com/ drop me a note if you live in the area,  I would love to meet up for a cup of coffee with a fellow blogger!

Texas Friends:

Meet Tanya -
Austin, TX
Hi I'm Tanya, a Hawaiian who grew up in Seattle, moved to San Diego for sun, lost all her money, jumped in an RV and ended up in Austin, TX.  All of my sisters have names that start with 'T' yet my family and friends have been calling me 'T' ever since I can remember.  My blog is a mixture of funny, inspirational and questionable.  It's life wrapped up in a very crazy package.  I'd love to meet more bloggers especially in Texas.  I'd also love to pick up something from the ground without having the fear of toppling over (i'm pregnant).  Tis the dream...

Meet Stefanie-
Plano, TX
I am the wife of Dan Brown, Executive Director of LIFT Ministries (lift4life.com).  I am a graduate of Berea College in Berea, KY where I received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing.  I practiced nursing for 10 before leaving the profession to stay at home with my son, Alex, now 7.  During my time at home I started ZERO2THREE Pediatric Rehab Services, a company, which provided therapy services to children ages birth to 3 with developmental delays.  I recently passed this Kentucky-based company on after 7 successful years of service. In addition to being the voice of LIFT Student Ministries when you call, I am the School Nurse for Canyon Creek Christian Academy. In addition, I passionately mother Alex, serve alongside my husband in the ministry while caring for my elderly mother who resides with us in our home. Dan and I will be married 9 years this upcoming March and have recently re-located our ministry to the Dallas Metroplex.  We currently reside in Plano, TX and are partnering with Canyon Creek Baptist Church, Richardson, TX. Come Visit Please.

Meet Melissa:
San Antonio, TX
Well, I am Melissa Ivette and I can be found at http://reflectivescribbles.blogspot.com/ I blog about lots of different things that inspire me! I'm crazy about traveling, shoes, fashion, music, writers, crafts, photography & God! I am currently living in San Antonio, Texas. I'd love to meet other bloggers either online or in person, I especially love to connect with new blogs! So let's connect and chat and inspire one another! I'm a young lady who loves to eat, read, write & create crafts...here's hoping to have happy meetings with you all!

Utah Friends:

Vermont Friends:

Virginia Friends:

Washington Friends:

West Virginia Friends:

Wisconsin Friends:

Wyoming Friends:

Canada Friends:

Meet Carol:
"I'm Carol from If By Yes, and I'm an Atlantic Canadian living out on the West Coast of BC. I've been living in Vancouver for almost four years (wow, has it really been that long?) and I still miss Halifax Donairs and highways that go faster than 60 km an hour. I am left-handed introvert who used to train service dogs. Now I train my baby. I am recovering from depression and still suffer occasional anxiety, so my blog posts can be... over thought. I tend to write a lot about books, dogs, psychology, how little my baby sleeps, how poorly Twilight is written, and my own ineptitude at various facets of life. If any of you live out this way, maybe we could meet up some day!
Meet Ross-
My name is Ross and I live in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada. I'm married with two beautiful girls and a wife that's even more amazing. Six years ago I was diagnosed with a disease called CRPS or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome which has left me with no use of my left hand and foot. I started my site http://www.painfullyoptomistic.com/ to raise awareness about the disease. My blog is about my daily struggles and living with chronic pain. I have a goal with my blog and it's simple. To help people understand what CRPS is! To be a support to others living with CRPS! And to change the way people think about Chronic Pain! On any given day I might even write about my kids and the things they do to drive me crazy!! Last week my youngest daughter who's three decided Elmo needed to go for a swim! Down the toilet of course!! Come and join me at my site and read about life in my shoes.

Other Countries:

Meet Sonya-
San Jose, Costa Rica!!
21 year old mother to my sweet pea, Maia Papaya! I am a photographer and love studying and then coming home to my baby cakes. I live in the beautiful country of Costa Rica with my Prince Charming and gorgeous little one. I love to photograph, dance, cook, sing, study, write, and read. Join us in our little corner of the internet!

Meet Leona-
Devon, (All the way over in...) England!
I'm Leona, my friends call me boner & Leona-Lion. I have the hobbies of a seventy year old women and the mentality of a 7 year old kid all wrapped up in a 20 year old little lady!
I'm currently at that point in my life where I want to start things. I'm trying my hardest to sew, crochet and cross stitch so that I can create beautiful things and hopefully create something amazing for myself in the future. I like to spend as much time with my fiancé Liam, our three rats, Alice, Bella & Nessie and our beautiful new addition to the family, Rex, a 4 month old Jack Russell! My mum would tell you that i'm too hyper for my own good and she "swears I'm 100% my fathers daughter" even though she is as mad as a hatter. Speaking of which, I absolutely love Alice In Wonderland and am obsessed with dreams and fairy tales. I'm going to hold off growing up 100% until I completely have to. I'd love for you to join my little world, it's new and it's got some glitches but doesn't everything?
Come Visit Me

Meet Jo-
I'm Jo and I'm married to Chyken, we live in our Castle with Nutter
the cat just outside Melbourne, Australia.

I'm pretty good at baking, spelling, eating kabana and being in charge
of the remote control.

I love Sprite Zero, I believe that any food can be enhanced by adding
bacon, cheese or chocolate and I cannot sleep if the door to the
wardrobe is open or the buttons on the doona cover aren't at the foot
of the bed. You can find me here. 


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