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Good day friends. Each month we will host a promotional post giving sites the opportunity to tell us about their sponsor deals. This is for blogs who offer sponsor ads. We will try to do a new post around the end of the month for the new month approaching. This is our very first promotion, so we are doing it a little early in the month for March ads. We will do another soon, so if you'd like to get these in be sure to include the following:

~Promotional Sponsor Post~

WE have tons of great deals even FREE-be sure to Check ALL of them out! Don't miss this!

Be Sure to Include-

-Name of your blog/site, url
-a little about you{make it very short}
-on average views and readers
-rates, deals and ad sizes available


Oh, SweetLee Me- a lifestyle blog about crafts, food, photography, being a mom and supporting fellow handmade sellers. On average she gets about 6,000 monthly views, has 278 subscribers, 276 GFC followers and posts 5 posts a week. She is offering an introductory rate of $5/mo. or $12/3 Mo. Ad Size 190X90. Each sponsor will get a written post with several links and photos back to them including an interview and tweets. email ohsweetleeme at yahoo dot com for more details. 

Freckles and Fudge- an overall everything blog about gators, fast paced lifestyle living in florida where the beauty is endless, a vlog dancer and an outspoken gem. on average she gets 36,000 views a month, has over 1000 GFC followers, between blog lovin, networked blogs, the blog frog, twitter and facebook she has another 1200 followers. she posts anywhere from 6-11 post throughout the week, tweets often about sponsors and sites. is offering a $20 220X73 ad for 6 months. Yes. You are basically buying one month and getting 5 FREE. deal good until the end of Feb. visit here to buy it now. An Additional Offer- if you buy the $20 ad for 6 months, you can get a 105X105 small ad on FTLOB for an extra $5 for one month. For $25 and 6 months of advertising you will get over 3,000 followers and over 80,000 views for one month.

Chrissy in America- a blog about everyday life, family fun, etsy creations and inspiration. she gets over 2500 views per month, 158 GFC followers, and posts 1-2 {maybe more} in one day. Current Rates are FREE. Ad size 200X85, 8 spots avail. in FEB, March will have 10 Avail. She's hosting giveaways and allowing you to guest post. An introductory post will go out twice about sponsors and if you'd like to grab a spot for March email chrissyzang at gmail dot com

Scenic Glory- a magical place where everyone is free to dream.  it is a garden full of inspiration and encouragement a place filled with adventure and excitement...it is here where every path taken leads you in the right direction.  scenic glory began 3 short months ago and averages currently 7,000 views a month.  345 GFC followers, 335 google reader subscribers and 180 twitter followers.  she posts on average 25 posts a week, tweets frequently about sponsors blogs, etsy shops and other sites.  currently offering a february special, buy ad space in february get sponsor spot through march...$20-200x200 (includes individual feature/giveaway) $10-200x100 (includes group feature) $5-200x50.  
FTLOB special - get a small add space for 6 months for only $15 when you contact me by 2/15
email scenicglory{at}gmail{dot}com

Ashley...plus 3 - a SAHM's journey to finding herself amidst dirty diapers, lost pacifiers and amazing baby hugs and smiles... discovering passions for photography, cooking, and wine playdates. Ashley+3 started just 5 months ago and had over 4000 views last month and has over 360 GCF followers and 320 Twitter followers and those numbers are growing daily. Purchase an ad spot for just $5 for 3 months!  Size 200x100 (approx). I can assist with making your ad button. Larger or smaller sizes available, please email ashleyplus3 {at} yahoo {dot} com. 

Bright Wishes- a blog about love, life and inspiration. currently she has 378 GFC followers, over 7,000 views per month, rates range from $5-20 and the sizes are available here.

Travel Babbles- a blog about a soon to be hockey wife traveling the world with her husband and quickly discovering the me in all of these adventures. her inspiration and creativity are creeping their way up to the top. she receives over 6,000 views per month, 157GFC followers. Ad size 200X100 is FREE until March 31st. but the deal ends 2/28 so email her for a spot asap kymberly.young at yahoo.com

Garden of Eden Designs-The Garden's, be one of a kind, blog demonstrates the empowerment of creativity and inspiration through fashion, personal style, and design. This blog is a way to connect with other designers and artists on a more personal level to discover and portray that life can be everything you want it to be if you live it creatively. she receives over 7,000 views a month, has over 1000 Followers via GFC, Blog Lovin, Twitter, Facebook and Etsy loves. rates/deals as of march 2011: large (335x190) $15(only three large spots will be available per month)-- includes individual "sponsor spotlight" post or giveaway option.-- three ads will be placed at the top of ads and will be rotated throughout the month to insure a place directly at the top. medium (335x120) $10 (also available in 3 month package for $20)-- includes group "sponsor spotlight" post.-- ads will be rotated mid month for maximum exposure.

small (335x75) $5-- ads will be rotated mid month for maximum exposure.
ALSO NOTE: need the garden to make your ad's button? no worries, i will design it for you for, no extra cost! 
SPECIAL FOR FTLOB: get a small ad for 6 months for only $20 if you contact the garden before february 18th! and no need to wait until march, the garden will put it up right away! email:gardenofedendesigns[AT]yahoo[DOT]com

Carrie with Children-
a community of parents that enjoy sharing parenting tips, positive family stories, laughter, learning about family-friendly products and participating in giveaways. I understand the value of customer reviews, the importance of word of mouth marketing and the power of social media. Average monthly unique visitors - 1,354, Average monthly pageviews - 4,943, Facebook fans - 308, Twitter followers - 1,241, Klout - 64, Alexa ranking - 196,158. Ad rates vary from $5 to $50 with options ranging from text links and buttons to advertorial/sponsored posts. carrie at carriewithchildren dot com

Mumfection- a young mummy blogger and weight loss blogger who loves to blog and make connections. she wishes nothing more than to keep expanding and enjoying herself and everyone else. she receives over 2,000 views each month and has 196 GFC followers. her other blog, the little fat girl that could receives over 1,000 views/month, 96 GFC followers and just started in Jan 11'. Go Here for all ad rates and details. 

Dats So Cute- a blog about everything from photography, crafts, homemade, family and fun. Her husband and cousin take over on Monday's. She has 412 GFC followers and growing rapidly. Ad sizes 125X125 for $5 datssocute at gmail dot com 

A Moderate Life- After looking to regain health post Lymes Disease at the far corners of the food spectrum, from macrobiotic to raw vegan, I have come back to health by firmly planting my feet in the middle of the road, where moderation and cooking with love are key to a balanced and happy life! My last month Statcounter summary was as follows: 8,664 Page loads, 5,786 Unique Visitors, 4,225 First Time Visitors,
1,561 Return Visitors. I have a PR2 currently and my Alexa Ranking is 140,000 as of 2/12/11. 
I am currently offering 125 x 125 boxes at $20 a month, to replace the google affiliate ads I am 
currently running. If an advertiser is interested in multiple months or a different ad size, 
please contact me 
alex at amoderatelife.com

TexaGermaNadian- she went from a boring college grad to a hockey wife 
who travels the world. she gets over 6000 monthly views and
has 160 GFC followers. 150X150 Ads are $5 or  
$7 for a spot and a new button made by her. Contact for further details at 
lindseyleavitt14 at gmail dot com

The Weekend File- a blog about a girl, her boyfriend, their puppy, photography and style. Stats-250 combined twitter, google and bloglovin' followers and growing every day. 1500-2500 unique blog views per week and growing. Average 7 posts per week. Ad deal- $7 per month you can do a 75X165 button. $12 per month you can do 150X165 button and the option to run a 1 giveaway or 1 feature post. We can also run a promotional code or discount to my readers for the month. Anything larger, or buying a block of months please email me directly. Im flexible! Promotion-I also do no mind promoting an item from your shop or store. I ask that I can pick out the item so I can keep it true to my taste and personal style. It can be anything from a necklace to a granola bar. I am open to all stores and ideas! You do not need to buy ad space to do this just email me and it will work on a first come, first serve basis.

Three P's in a Pod is a family friendly blog with an audience made up mostly of mothers. I blog about my family, made up of myself, my husband, our one year old son, and our dog. Topics include prematurity, cloth diapering, feeding struggles, and daily life.  I also enjoy doing product reviews and giveaways. I currently have 787 followers via Google Friend Connect and 100 followers via Networked Blogs. I have 254 Twitter followers and 108 Facebook followers. These numbers change daily so please contact me for updated information. My blog had over 2,400 unique visitors in January and over 4,000 page loads. I am offering 125x125 ads placed at the top of my page for $15 for 6 months. I am also offering 125x125 ads placed in the sidebar for $10 for 6 months. These rates are good through February 28, 2011.  Both of these options include an entire blog post about the new sponsor with links and pictures if possible. The post will also be shared via Facebook and Twitter.  Ads are placed on a first come first served basis.  I can be contacted at tara@3psmama.com if you have any questions or would like to become a sponsor of Three P's in a Pod.  Thank you!

-EisyMorgan: Inspiration for the multifaceted woman / http://eisymorgan.blogspot.com
- About me? I love to laugh and doing things that make me feel alive and inspire. Favorite things: Jesus,my hot husband, my snuggle bug baby, learning, thunderstorms, playing in water, creating, looking past the surface and being real. Looking forward to knowing you better!
- I have 131 followers in the 2 months of the blogs life. Over 7,000 views in my first month alone and growing strong.
-Since I am a new blog I am offering great advertising rates!
150x150=$5.00 for three months (that is $1.60 a month!)
100x200=$10.00 for three months
200x200=$15.00 for three months
250X250=$20.00 for three months
Your buttons will be proudly displayed on the top right hand side of EisyMorgan, not to be missed!
**BONUS**I will do a a feature on each advertiser and/or guest post
              **If you continue to advertise with me I will keep you at these rates for the life of the blog
                 (they will be raised as the readership increases, but you can be locked in)
              **If readership increases at the rate it currently is at your promotion will greatly increase in the next three months!)

-WhitSpeaks at whitspeaks.blogspot.com
-About me: Im an artsy and self-proclaimed fashionista. I love great style, pug dogs, photography, friends and family, swimming, summer, and almost any beach. I laugh at my own jokes, dip my pretzels in frosting, and cry when I laugh too hard.
-I have 84 followers and 4200 views so far and I started WhitSpeaks at the end of December in 2010.
-FREE ad spaces! Im looking to fill up 5 spaces with an ad thats 200x75px :)

-Sounds of Laughter, Shades of Life at http://nicolejeannette.blogspot.com/
-About me: Hello! My name is Nicole Jeannette. I was born and raised in Colorado, but now I've been planted and am blooming in lovely Nashville, TN! I'm a free spirit working in higher education for the time being and hope to work in the nonprofit field and publish a book or two someday.
-Readers: I am just about to break the 200 mark in followers (on average I gain one to two followers a day) and I have a few more on bloglovin.
- This: http://nicolejeannette.blogspot.com/p/become-sponsor.html is my sponsor page, but I charge $10 for a one month period for a 180x200 ad and I'm more than happy to do giveaways of sponsors as well. For Sponsors who give me the code iloveslsl for the month of March, I'll knock their price down to $5! I love my sponsors!
-Questions? Email me at nicolejeannette87@gmail.com.

Thank You all for sharing your deals with us! Remember we will be hosting another promotion very soon and once a month thereafter.


KY said…
Vic! my email is kymberly.young@yahoo.com! with a y!
Vic said…
i'm sorry...this entire post was going crazy on me! i was pretty sure when i wrote it late last night , i copied it right! i think it's fixed now... forgive;-)
KY said…
I forgive, I forgive, ya silly lady! I just didn't want the kIm@yahoo to wonder what the heck was going on and vice versa! Thanks for the quick fix.

In honor of cheesy VDay,


TexaGermaNadian said…
Haha, KY you are awesome :)
Love the new header ya'll, and thanks so much again for posting this. I kinda like that mine info is a little wonky :)
BUT (shameless plug) if anyone does want to visit TexaGermaNadian, the site is:
Have a great rest (or whats left) of the weekend!
ALELY said…
thanks for getting all this together and posted!
Chrissy said…
This is awesome ladies! Thanks so much for doing this!
And that new header is looking fab!
Hugs xxx
The Pepper. said…
Such amazing deals, Thanks for posting this!
Will be emailing you with our own info soon:)
Jennifer Kay said…
Good morning Vic - how do you know how many followers you get per month? In blogger I know there is a stats tab but I'm pretty sure it lies. Some days I have like 10 comments and it will say that I only had 4 pages views (for example) so I know it can't be true.

Thank you!
sonu said…
Thanks for sharing keep sharing such nice suggestions.i like so much.

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