Love Letters - week two

hello lovelies!  it's valentines day :) and it's monday which means it's another day for the love letters series...we think today is a perfect day to share these babies don't you?!? we want you to link up and share.  whether it is one that you have written for someone, one written for you, or maybe even a love letter that your mom wrote to your dad...anything goes.  there are no rules. just link up and share.

we hope you all have a magical day!  can't wait to see ♥


b. lee said…
* * happy HEART day * *
No. 7 said…
Happy Valentines Day, everyone!
Atypical Scott said…

Very fitting for the day.
Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you get to spend it with your sweetheart(s) :)
Happy Valentines Day ♥ ♥ ♥ I already mentioned this over at Lindsay's Scenic Glory, but I'll have to mention this here too - I LOVE reading all these love letters. Such a great feature to spread all the love around us.

xxx mervi
Crystal said…
I love that you ladies had this's nice to see the love letters and celebrate Love in all it's vastness, humor, and sentimentality! Happy Valentine's day everybody!!!
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
LesleyRH said…
Happy Valentine's Day! I'm having trouble linking up, so thought I'd post my link here:
Russian Sphinx said…
Happy Valentines Day, everyone!
Create With Joy said…
Happy Valentine's Day to you all! For some reason, I am currently having difficulty getting linked - I'll try back later - but in the meantime, I wanted to invite you to join me in celebrating my Valentine's Anniversary at:

Have a fabulous day!

Heather M said…
Hey Loves!!! Happy Valentines day!!!!

I to am having trouble linking up!!
Ill try later!!
Shalyn said…
I am having trouble as well- sad:-( Here's the post:
*S said…
I am having troubles as well. But here's my link to this weeks love letters feature:

Happy Valentines Day!
Maegan said…
Happy Valentine's Day to all. I'm loving reading these letters of love!

Maegan :)
shah wharton said…
Linked up - its a two parter beginning monday. Hope everyone enjoys it. Shah. X

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