Joyful Moments

hello fabulous people. today we are co-hosting Joyful Moments with the lovely Lisa from Joyful Jones.

A Joyful Moment can be just about anything!
For example:
-your family
-your pets
-favorite food

Honestly, it can be anything that brings you JOY!

Lisa will blog about her Joyful Moment every Friday,
where you'll be able to link up your blog as well,
until the following Monday.

Here's the details for you to join in the photo challenge:

1. take a picture that brings you JOY
2. blog about that Joyful Moment, include our button
3. link your blog post up below
4. visit the other Joyful Bloggers and leave happy comments
5. enJOY!

if you have a joyful moment you wish to share, please link up and visit other joyful blogs today. happy friday friends. 


Oh my gosh those French bulldogs are the cutest! I really want to get one when we get a bigger place with a yard (we rent an apartment currently) That picture definitely brought joy to me this morning :)
posidanielle said…
what fun!! This sounds great!! Maybe I can link up later today once the craziness around her stops. :D
Oh my goodness that photo is ADORABLE!
Maria said…
What fun! I will try to join in between everything else, even just to read. ~M
Sonia Florian said…
Hi there! Just joined the blog hop and started following your blog, me and my endless source of JOY ~ Nettie my dog ;-). Please visit us at Sonia's Wonder World if you have the time. Have a great weekend! Sonia
b. lee said…
OMG those pups are freakin' adorable :D really had fun putting together a "joyful" post * lookin' forward to checking out everyone else's * * happy flippin' friday * *
Kai.Mercado. said…
This is my first time linking up and I am so excited!!!!!
I think I already have my joful moments blogged since I got engaged. So, yeah, what a joyful moment!
Jeri Lynne said…
Great hop for Fridays, the perfect day to be joyful! Happy weekend everyone!
Heather M said…
Im soo excited to link up, but I gotta wait till I get home from work to load up some photos!!! HappY weekend!
LesleyRH said…
I love FTLOB! Ever since discovering this site a few weeks ago, I've been addicted. It takes all my will power to pull myself away from it long enough to actually do work. If I could make browsing the site my fulltime job, I would haha! Just wanted to give ya a shout out!
This is such a sweet idea. I posted a joyful moment recently called making memories. Hugs!
Patti said…
That is such an adorable picture! I just want to grab them and give them all a kiss!! lol!! That is a joyful picture!
Joyful moments from my Spanish holiday posted :) Have a great weekend lovelies!

xxx mervi
HI- I'm stopping by from Tara's blog hop.

Wish I had a pic to share of my son's birthday (although probably TMI LOL) It was truly the happiest moment for me ever.
Pamela said…
Is there anything more joyful than meeting a new grandson? Not for me. Thank you for providing a place to share it.

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