Introducing... Calamity Kate's Kitchen

Meet  Calamity Kate

Kate at Willis Tower, Chicago 2010

Kate got her nickname from being a klutz but she says that trait does not follow her into the kitchen. I think you'll agree when you check out her recipes! 

Valentine's Day Pink Champagne Cupcakes
Kate has some wonderfully unique recipes like Pink Champagne Cupcakes (above).  And her homemade oreos make us want to crawl through the computer screen to get some!
Despite her apparent love and mastery of baking, she has some savory treats to offer as well. We can't wait to try her pineapple and cilantro grilled chicken fajitas!
Pineapple and Cilantro Fajitas
In addition to being an amazing cook, Kate takes beautiful pictures:
Nantucket 2006-08 276
road side fruit stand
You'll also find her blogging about her life. She comes from a family of foodies who taught her a little secret to making food taste extra special. 

Be sure to visit her on Friday's, her Friendly Friday posts highlight her new followers and friends, the best comments and her favorite blog posts of the week. How cool is that? Head on over and become a new friend and she just might feature you!

Thanks for being a member of ftlob Kate! We're happy to have you! Members, head on over and show her some of our famous comment love!


Chrissy said…
Yay, congrats on this awesome feature! Love it and love your blog! xxx
Jenna said…
Oooo those cupcakes look amazing! My goal this year is to try a new recipe every week and so I'm excited to see all you have to offer!

Thanks for sharing
b. lee said…
luv the bright & colorful pic of the fruit stand * *
Oh, this blog looks delicious. Thanks for sharing! Janae
Madison said…
Dishes look scrumptious, yummy. I will visit her blog:)
Cherie said…
Thanks for sharing this great blog, heading over there now to follow! Love food, great pics, and great people! The food looks sooooo good.

Have a great day!

Poekitten said…
Love the gorgeous sunset picture!
Hockey Wife said…
Oreos ... fajitas! Oh my! Those look amazing!
Love this! I want a cupcake now!
DebbieM said…
The food looks delicious! yum. HOWEVER - the first picture gave me the heebie jeebies. I have an intense fear of heights. lol
Anonymous said…
Another fab feature, I love recipe blogs. That first picture freaked me out, I can't stand heights, ahhhh! Headed over to check her out!

Happy Monday!
Maegan :)
Bizzy said…
Thanks for displaying this blog. It is new to me and I am looking forward to checking it out.
Oh yumm!!! Those homemade oreos look SO delicious! :)
Anonymous said…
everything there looks so tasty!

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