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Isn't it amazing how many blogs you can share in one space!? I've come across some blogs that have just flourished since meeting them back in the day on FTLOB. It's awesome how far you've all come! While I'm just a nut for all bloggers, I'd love to introduce a new questionnaire to give you all a new taste of our Get Featured Series. I know how hard it is to maintain a healthy blog and I know that many of us fall into ruts more so than ever. Let's really inspire, create and love the blogger once again.

This New Questionnaire will give those of you who've been featured a chance to get seen again. This is a GREAT way to meet new faces and introduce the lovely bloggers you read everyday, so don't hesitate to share a friend. Just leave a comment here on this post with their link.


To Get Featured You Can Answer These Fun Questions + Share Some of Your Photos or Create Your Own Featured Post

1 ♥ ) What is Your Blog Name && Link

2 ♥ ) What Originally Spiked Your Interest in Becoming a Blogger

3 ♥ ) How Old Are You && Your Blog

4 ♥ ) What Inspires You

5 ♥ ) Tell Other Bloggers What You've Learned Thus Far

6 ♥ ) What Piece of Advice Would You Give Newbies && Veterans

7 ♥ ) How Has Blogging Changed Your Life

8 ♥ ) Share Something You've Created in the Last Month

9 ♥ ) Name at Least Two Fellow Bloggers you enjoy reading

10 ♥ ) Link Us to Your Social Media


Obviously we are happy to share you however you'd like to be displayed. If you have an idea or want to be a guest blogger please contact Vic on Twitter.

Don't have enough time to answer questions||write a post? No worries. Simply leave your Blog Link here or on Twitter and Vic will create a lovely, sweet post featuring your blog and/or shop. She whips up a rather tasteful post for our readers. 

Any questions? Feel free to ask....And Get Featured


TexaGermaNadian said…
Everyone get on this! It is the best day ever when you see your blog featured :)
Thanks so much for offering a feature for everyone! I really enjoyed my feature day awhile back!
Susi said…
One day I'll take the time to send info for a full post feature.
Jennifer said…
This is a fantastic idea! Once the inspiration bug bites me I'll be shooting you an email! =)

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons
pr0udmom0f3 said…
Shall I do one for one of my other blogs, Vic, seeing as my main was already featured? Just let me know which you'd rather have, if you wish me to submit.
Just going to read through the site rules. Very excited!
Pennington said…
I think this is a great idea! I'm new to blogging so please bear with me. I have added your button link but I don't think I belong in any categories that you have. As soon as I figure out how to create a button to my page I will be sure to "link up". So far I have been able to figure most of this out, so hopefully I will be able to do that also. :)
shah wharton said…
I've just sent off my application. Whippee! Shah .X
Laura said…
i'm new at blogging and i think this site is really helpful and friendly,
if you like you take a look at my blog:)


please bear with me i havent got alot of post's up but if you follow i will have plenty:0 thanks:) oxox
My Blog said…
I'm new to this blogging thing but would appreciate views and guidance/comments etc. Take a look hope you like it!

Sam... said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam... said…
^^ whoops XD
Lonely SouL said…
Just visit My Blog

I am following from the Three, Four and Under blog hop.

My blog is devoted to sharing helpful, hope-filled ideas for overwhelmed families.

I am looking forward to exploring your blog. It looks very interesting.
Tanii said…
What a great idea!xx Tanja
Risha Kalra said…
I like the idea so much!! http://melodicscribbles.blogspot.com/
Anonymous said…
I am a bit confused how to join this so I guess i am asking for any help
my email is amethystphoenyx@yahoo.com

my url is http://expressionsofapagandiva.blogspot.com/
Debra said…
Aloha FLOB,

I wanted to submit a post off my blog to hopefully be chosen to be featured on your site.. I am just not sure how I will be able to do the whole post in HTML format. I am new at this blogging, and just had two button's made for my blog & I am assuming how the button's are done is HTLM format?
I have pictures in the post I wanted to submit as well, but again I am not sure how to sumbit the whole post in HTLM as requested?
Can you help, explain how I can do this and submit to have my blog featured..
Love your blog & have enjoyed checking out your blog and all the great content.

Mahalo, Debra
Abby said…
I would love to be featured!!:)
Social Lilac said…
I just e-mailed my post :D
I'd love to get featured as well, just a question, however, how will I know when I've been featured? Will they e-mail me or should I just keep checking every day?

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